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All of the companies enlisted here offer reliable and truly quality services. Writers with top academic degrees will work on your paper and deliver an error free, creative and original piece of writing. Whether you need a short essay or several pages of your dissertation, you can rely on the quality solutions offered by these companies. But in order to really learn how to differentiate the good services from bad ones, we have to take a look at and consider certain criteria.

There are several important criteria you have to look at, and which we use to actually rate the writing service, before we deem them reliable or unreliable, or even the best online essay writing service online. Stay tuned to see the main criteria that we use and what each one actually entails, before we do reviews of essay writing service, or decide to give a give an opinion on any of these companies on the market.

Pricing and payment policy is a crucial aspect for most of the students, because the reality is, students have a very limited budget, and want to find the highest quality at the lowest prices. But how do you know a service is charging too low or too high? And how do you distinguish the ones that are just in it for the money, and not to help out the students with high-quality assignments? Before we do an essay writing service review, we want to be able to see if the company in questions actually has professional writers that deliver immaculate writing.

The company also must have rules to help in guiding the operations.

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Without the administrative section, the response for the overlook cannot be reached effectively. The rules cannot be passed in the right order without the administration page. This makes the page the guideline section of the company website design. All the operations of the company are customer based.

This is why the website has the customer page. It is through here that anyone who wants to access the services that are offered at essaypro. The customers communicate with the support team, posts assignments and collect them through this site. The support page is for doing the relay services just like in any other company offering the same services. Through this page, assignments completed are uploaded.

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The page also helps for applying for orders at essaypro. This design is among the best company website designs and is better than for most academic writing designs. However, a stealing culture that has been developed in this company makes the design look like a bait in trap used to rob customers. The steps are very long and time-consuming. The customer first clicks at the place an order, which is given as one of the options at Essaypro.

The response to the request to place an order takes minutes since the communication system, and live support of the company is very slow. After the tiresome wait for the response, the customer finds the live support that starts giving the slow guidelines to the process. Support first asks the customer to select the country. In this, Essaypro is inquiring about the detailed information for the customer, which they do not keep safe and thus risking the customer for getting charged heavy penalties at school.

Processing this step also takes a lot of time making the customer wait for a long time thereby wasting time that could have been used to attend to the other duties. The customer is then instructed to place the instructions and any file that he or she would wish to be used for the assignment. The step also takes a lot of time to get processed. Once this is done, the customer then gives other instructions such as the deadline for submitting the assignment and the paper format and even number of pages to be written.

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The last step is on payment where the support suggests a cost per page for the paper based on time and subject from which the assignment comes. The customer is then given the opportunity to either accept the price or suggest one that he or she feels is fair. It is important to note that the support harasses the customers by suggesting very high costs for the paper. This creates some sense of trying to steal from customers since the prices are in the real sense not fair.

At the time of bargaining, they are very rigid and does not lower the prices in the same proportion that the customers raise theirs. A price that is finally reached is normally higher and unfair to the customers. All these steps are too many and therefore consume unnecessary time for the customers who use Essaypro to handle their assignments. In the writing service business, the professional writers play the most integral role in making the work perfect. This company has trained and qualified professional writers who have passed their interviews.

Their writers have at least attained the threshold for academic qualifications which is a university degree level. However, the assignments done by the writers working at here are not perfect. This is because of the many writers who work in this company to offer the writing services.

Most of the employed writers of this company are from India, Kenya, and Ukraine. Writers from these three countries are non-native English speakers. This affects greatly the quality of language that they use when doing their assignments for the students. Because of using non-native English speakers as their writers, assignments are full of problems. The first problem with the assignments done by such writers is grammatical mistakes. The non-native English speakers do not have good sentence structuring in their writings.

The assignments through here are therefore full of grammatical mistakes, which may make the markers give a fail because of failure to understand the point.

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For editing assignments, the non-native writers are very poor at making right the language mistakes. This answers the questions as to why editing a paper through this company is null. Third, the non-native writers that Essaypro uses do not understand complicated papers, which require a deep understanding of the language, used. This makes this company a site for doing irrelevant papers. The company uses non-native English speakers as their writers are, therefore, a big mistake as they cost their customers a lot.

They end up failing in their assignments due to irrelevancy and poor grammar. There are occasions when a customer realizes a mistake after the paper has been completed. However, customers do not enjoy this service. Their services are such that they cannot make any change on the papers once it has been considered complete.

The customers working with them are therefore forced to do too much work yet they have paid for full services.

This injustice is done only at this company and not any other academic writing service company in the world. Visit site. Plagiarism is one of the academic frauds with the most severe penalties in the current education systems.

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When a customer goes through the paper quality assurances that are indicated at this site, the company assures the customers that they ensure at least 99 percent unique papers. It claims to be providing papers free from any form of plagiarism. However, it seems to be just using these writing assurances to attract the new customers who do not have any experience of their papers. The plagiarism checker used at essaypro. Plagiarism free assignment is a hoax as there have been numerous complaints from many students on how they were provided with plagiarized papers.

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The fact that Essaypro assures plagiarism free papers should not be assumed and taken in without questioning the way most customers do. The high rate of plagiarized writing services provided at essaypro. Most of the writers who work at here do not have effective plagiarism. This means that a customer will never get a plagiarism work at all as long as the paper has been done through this. Customers should avoid this by completely refraining from Essaypro. Many students who do their assignments through online essay writers have limited time to balance for doing the assignments and attending to the other responsibilities outside academics.

They, therefore, need very fast systems to serve them when making orders. Essaypro communication systems are very slow. Customers take minutes when placing their assignments to be done. This consumes a lot of time such that their customers end up wasting time and consequently disrupting their programs.

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This is equal to paying double for a single service. The customer support team at essaypro. This makes customers waiting and spending time trying to contact to follow or even check with the writers concerning their orders. The slow communication system in some cases makes students fail to give additional instruction on their orders.

The customers working with the company, therefore, end up having incomplete assignments because of this.

New customers in this company go through many problems. This is because they do not know the way the systems operate and therefore have to make inquiries that require online support to give directions. The online support team at Essaypro makes the situation worse as they take a lot of time to communicate backs the feedback to the customers.

Sometimes this happens to make the customers to get bored as they wait for minutes before the messages from their support come back. For urgent revisions, customers at Essaypro end up having a late submission as the support at essaypro. Testimony; I have been doing my assignments through the company for the last two weeks.

I did all my weeks assignments through the company and gave them a week for the completion of my assignments. When I received the assignments two days ago, I just submitted without going through the papers to confirm quality. My tutor called me, and I was expecting a positive remark on the way I have done the assignments.

However, to my surprise, I was told that I had copied more than thirty percent of the assignments. This means that the plagiarism check is not active at essaypro. Our workers are set to execute assignment immediately upon payment of the order. So, the sooner you leave your application on the site, the sooner we can get it to create. Every writer who works with us is not afraid of a short period, that is, a small deadline. This is all because they are specialists in the execution of any college order and are ready to write a good paper even in three hours with all the requirements.

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are there any legit essay writing Are there any legit essay writing

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