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Nick is a youth advocacy expert and a champion of youth inclusion and participation in decision making. Nick is the founder of Nairobi Urban Creators, which aims to facilitate meaningful engagement of young people in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda across the cities of Kenya. Passionate about social innovation and inclusion, she co-founded "Sin Palabras", an initiative aimed at social rehabilitation of vulnerable people through arts. David is also a Program Advisor for ChildFund, where he assists with development of a youth empowerment program.

David has previously led production of several documentaries on the topic of 'healthy relationships', with the support of the Kiribati Healthy Families Project, and on teenage pregnancy, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Social Affairs. Ayo Yi-ngok Chan is a Strategic Advisor of a Singapore-based 4As advertising firm, and is working on a capacity building programme addressing a broad range of developmental challenges faced by local communities in Myanmar.

He believes Hong Kong can play a greater role in advancing progress on sustainable development in Asia, and is a regular contributor to some of the leading newspapers in his city. Passionate about gender equity, Bahar is a graduate student in Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago. She has gained her experience working on the issue through a MULAN project in India, which aimed to raise awareness about women's rights and empower underprivileged women. Passionate about innovation and sustainable development, Alessandro is a strategy consultant at EY, where he is involved in projects linked to sustainability, CSR and smart cities.

Prior to moving back to Italy, he worked in Nicaragua, Indonesia and Lebanon. Previously, she worked at Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, leading a team on analysis of civic data and municipal budgets, to benchmark infrastructure access and quality, and provide actionable data and insights to elected representatives, municipal officials and citizens. Clinton is an urban specialist with a focus on resilience, safety, strategic planning, and mobility. His insight and ability to elevate urban thinking has been sought after by organisations across Australia and Asia.

He has authored reports on urban safety, sustainability, and ecomobility across Asia.

Clinton brings his renowned perspectives and commitment to action for the Sustainable Development Goals in Melbourne. With 10 years of experience in community development, social entrepreneurship and advocacy, Jarius Andrew is a Founder and Executive Director of the Youth Network for Reform YONER , a youth organization working to reunite communities and address the needs of under-privileged children and youth, which has already helped improve lives of 30, children and youth.

Kirthi is an activist, an artist and a writer. She is a founder of the Red Elephant Foundation, a civilian peacebuilding initiative that advances gender equality through storytelling and advocacy. As a Zen Doodler, her works of art and the collection "HerStories", which comprise portraits and stories of women, have been commissioned by corporate establishments, NGOs and art collectors worldwide. Mohammed Kabir is an Urban Planner and disability inclusion advocate, aspiring to introduce walking and cycling friendly roads and streets in Kaduna Metropolis. He has gained experience working with the civil service, and a number of associations of people with disability.

For the past three years, he has been actively involved in design of layouts for housing projects and processes to ensure compliance with the approved planning standards. He also worked for 2 years at the highly renowned group NEO Empresarial, leading its activities for one semester.

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Carolina's main goal is to create a sense of shared responsibility for the city's future and promote ownership of the sustainable development agenda in her local community. Carolina's vision for Bogota is a city that is inclusive, and one that prioritizes public spaces and "happiness" of its citizens.

Passionate about youth empowerment and community development, Elie serves as a Local Committee President of AIESEC, a youth-led organization that seeks to activate young people's leadership potential. He has been involved in various projects aimed at raising of awareness and promoting understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals, and engaging youth in volunteering and community development projects.

Passionate about the climate change, Kayla is a Founder and Executive Director of the International Student Environmental Coalition, a non-profit that unites youth from 20 countries to act against climate change. Founded in August , her organization has already gained support of the United Nations and the U. State Department.

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Kevin is a connector, city-builder, and a military officer working to build stronger, more resilient and prosperous cities in Canada. Salem is a Founder and a Program Director of Value Sustainability, which provides advisory services in sustainability, climate change and community engagement. Francis is a youth advocate working with Curious Minds, a youth-led organization advocating for children and youth issues through community engagement, and creation of advocacy space and platforms for youth.

Francis was previously involved in the post development agenda consultation process through his active engagement with the National Youth Consultations in Ghana. Passionate about education for sustainability, she volunteers her time to conduct related programs at local schools and universities. A young expert in citizen engagement, Luiz Carlos is a National Coordinator of Ciudadano Inteligente Foundation in Brazil, an organization that promotes citizen participation in Latin America.

Elise is a young health advocate, interested in children's health, health equity and healthy public policy.

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Elise is pursuing her medical degree at the University of Western Sydney. Manoj is passionate about youth leadership, and his work focuses on governance innovation for sustainable economic development. His research focuses on how regions, cities, and local economies can build resilience and adapt in the face of unprecedented economic shocks. Passionate about social justice, climate change, and the rights of children and youth, Ana Christina serves as a Coordinator for the YoutHAB Project, where she has been involveed in projects promoting "the right of the city", youth participation and urban art in Quito.

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Ana Cristina has founded 24HoursToBeHappy, where she conducts research on the children and food sovereignty in Ecuadorian communities. Interested in climate change, social entrepreneurship, urban-human ecosystems and youth empowerment, Rezwan is an advocate for urban development within planetary boundaries. Rezwan has founded the SDGlab - a platform which aims to steer debate around localization of the Sustainable Development Goals. Committed to raising awareness about sexual and reproductive health, Natasha aims to reach a million women and girls through her projects in Lusaka and local communities in Southern Zambia.

She co-founded Copper Rose Zambia, which has so far helped improve lives for over women and young people. She also serves as the Country Coordinator for the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning and is a member of the Youth Coalition on Sexual and Reproductive Rights, where she supports inclusion of young people in policy making.

Justus is committed to building a robust and dynamic movement of young people around the world to enable change and promote creation of smart and sustainable cities. Stephanie is an environmental education advocate, which she believes could be a powerful tool for behavioral change needed in our society to achieve a sustainable future. Stephanie holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the Universidad del Salvador.

He has previously gained experience in municipal governance and administration, serving as a Special Assistant to the former Mayor of the Port City of Tema in Ghana.

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Ato also holds a post graduate diploma in Finance and Investment Analysis. Clara is a change maker, passionate about peace building, poverty alleviation, inclusion and community development. Clara currently serves as a Project Manager at Vijana Vipaji Foundation, having gained experience as a young advocate for gender equity and social justice. Clara strongly believes in the potential of the youth to make a positive impact and take their communities on a path towards sustainable development. With almost 10 years of engagement in the issues of peace and development, Regine is particularly interested in their intersections with religion, gender and youth.

Ruth has spent almost five years working in policy-making and strategy development at the intersection of global health and sustainable development. An environmental sustainability specialist and advocate, Abylaikhan is currently a 'Change Agent' at "Challenge Lab", an innovative hub which aims to solve complex societal problems through engagement of stakeholders from academia, public and private sectors in collaboration around sustainable solutions.

Abylaikhan has previously worked across different sectors including development, governmental agencies and non profit organizations, and has represented Kazakhstan as a young expert at the UN climate conference COP20 in Lima, Peru.

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Her political activity focuses on legislative measures aimed to support children's rights, youth, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. Strategies de communication de l'Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs". Her responsibilities include direction of the overall activities of the Division, preparation of briefing papers, speeches and talking points for the parliamentarians in preparation for international meetings and providing advice on policies, procedures and rules of the international parliamentary assemblies.

In addition, she follows the latest developments in the international affairs and provides inputs to parliamentarians. He took his MA and Ph. His parliamentary career started in as a legislative expert. Munich Home About the competition. The necessity of enhancing civil awareness and participation in stepping up the cooperation among SEE countries along with strengthening the interpersonal contacts, especially among the young people in the region as a bridge between various nations and cultures, underlies the idea for conducting a regional youth essay writing contest.

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