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Army Pacific commanding general, presented Wu with a Defense Department certificate of appreciation for winning the essay contest. Wu, a member of the Class of , will be attending Brown University. Her sister is a U. The veterans were spit upon, jeered at, and rejected by the country they sacrificed so much for. Civilians at home based their opinions on a single biased perspective, often focusing on other facets of the war instead of what truly mattered: the soldiers. Ultimately, citizens of the 21st century have the responsibility to learn from the Vietnam generation and never make the same mistakes again.

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Twenty years. Two million soldiers overseas. Over two hundred thousand causalities. After years of sacrifice and struggle, the Vietnam War veterans finally came home. They were battered and torn, many who were on the cusp of adulthood when they enlisted, now aged beyond their years. Yet, they were not welcomed with open arms.

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The soldiers not only sacrificed parts of their lives in uniform, but continued to fight a never-ending battle even after the war. Their experiences were definitive in the years after, the impact striking far past the initial ripples in their life.

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The war was unforgettable. Through the aftermath of the Vietnam War, we can learn about the proper role of a civilian during a time of war. As citizens, we have a personal responsibility to ensure that our veterans are respected and valued in society. Unfortunately, the citizenry of the Vietnam generation often failed to do so. Although the anti-war movement rightfully challenged the conservative political climate of the time, the mass protests were executed poorly when considering the negative impact on the veterans.

Initially, the protests were peaceful and filled with good intentions. These initial stages were not detrimental to the soldiers and represent one appropriate form of protest that focuses on the war instead of the soldiers. The Vietnam War was mainly a media war shown on television, heard on radio and read in the newspapers There was a new generation of young people in the United States in the 's. There were college educated and highly under the influence of drugs such as Cannabis also known as weed and LSD's which are mind affecting drugs such as Ecstasy also known as Ex. They were also under the influence of free love which is the idea of everybody having unprotected sex with everybody else and disregarding the consequences which pushed up the birth rate in the United States in the 's Strong Essays words 3.

They disagree with one another, which might lead to conflict, and if the conflict is big enough, war. There have been many great battles and wars in the past, but one of the most controversial and protested war in human history was the Vietnam War. As World War II ended, the young males returned to their homes. They began families which brought a significant number of new children into the world. This dramatic increase in the number of births is called the Baby Boom A war plagued by fatalities and extreme costs.

It began as a political war, when North Vietnam tried to overrun and impose communism on South Vietnam. Americans, at the outset, felt the war was justified and worthwhile. Opinion started to change, at least among young people, as the war lingered and the death toll rose. Peace protesters emerged, and along with the peace movement came music. Unlike any other war in history, the artists of the Vietnam era used their music to influence political beliefs and to unite the protesters This war led to the death of millions while leaving hundreds of thousands of American soldiers wounded.

Many historians argue that the Vietnam was a war that America should have not gotten involved in. The amount of time it was prevalent was for a total of eight years from to Its aim was to evoke an emotion within the audience by expressing mockery in relation to art, materialism, and nationalism. Moreover, Dada art included works that were not aesthetically pleasing Better Essays words 2.

You smile as you see a picture of a laughing child. Tears fall down your cheek as you watch a scene from a funeral. A picture is worth a thousand words, because even if you have never had a child of your own or seen segregation firsthand, you can have compassion for the people of those events because you have felt frustrated and happiness before. The emotion you arouse are sympathy for those currently going through these events. Dadaists was exploring these emotions in their work by evoking specific reactions in their audience Better Essays words 3.

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Whether the war is great or a small; resources, money, and citizens are needed to win. Consequently, war leads to significant social changes, which brings fear, hope, growth or decline in economic, social, political and cultural aspects in the country. Different wars made it possible for social movements to develop. The Vietnam War greatly changed American forever. It is one of the most important events in the history of the United States. During this time, many artists produced songs either with or against the protesting.

Deferments were a way to postpone your chance of conscription, which is being drafted into the military Angrist Although some were indeed anti-war, there was a rather equal or larger amount who voiced supportive opinions for the war, but as the war proceeded this changed Gettleman Strong Essays words 3 pages Preview.

A countless amount of writers, musicians and even athletes participated in the movement and contributed to its success. Many activists contributed to this movement, such as writer, Allen Ginsberg and government official, Daniel Ellsberg The New Left involved a growing number of young educated persons, where the intelligentsia aimed to unite themselves with the working class in order of political activism and cultural nonconformity; with their fighting ground being at universities.

Amongst other issues, the new left wanted to spearhead the problem of the war in Vietnam and bring it to the forefront of the national conscience Johnson, Vietnam War, Protest]. Strong Essays words 4. So many differing parts, which more often than not, historians struggle to find a way to accurately make sense of this behemoth of history.

In an effort to make sense of Vietnam, it must first be segmented. Unlike previous military consumed eras, the Vietnam era has no general consensus for long. Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. In the s and s, another less well known anti-homosexual campaign, known as the Lavender Scare, raged in Washington, DC. Though, the Nazi movement is much more well known, both movements used similar tactics and involved comparable people.

Recently, in the United States had its highest number of reported measles cases within the first five months of a year since [2]. The surge in measles cases is attributed to the rise of an anti-vaccination movement powered by parents who have become distrusting of vaccinations. In a United States National Consumers League survey from it was found that nearly one-third of adults believe that vaccinations can cause autism [3] The anti-war movement was, in part, expanding because of how the United States was creating its army.

Minorities were usually the least educated and would not be attending college or university, which was one wat to avoid being drafted Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. In recent years, this plasticity has become functional and fair, yet in the past, politicians used it to give and revoke, power, to and from people.

This war was almost twenty years long. This is war is so despised because many United State Citizens, mostly younger generation thought of this was as unjust and that American should not have enter the war at all.

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Many from this era of the still hold this was in contempt. It was hated so much that Veterans that come back from the war were hated and treated very poorly for fight in this unjust war. This war was heavily covered in the media of the time period due to fact that it was an uncensored war The first African Americans came over as indentured servants. White colonist faced with a growing need for more labor turned to chattel slavery with the slave trade in the Chesapeake area peaking in Slaves were considering expensive and the relationships between slaves and slave owners were often long-term, sometimes multi-generational.

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Appropriately deemed the counterculture, this social metamorphosis was based upon a transition from strict long-held American values to a widespread antiestablishment attitude. College-aged men and women throughout the United States adopted an entirely new belief system and way of life; this cultural phenomenon would soon become known as the hippie movement The Counterculture Movement helped shape the way that many Americans view life today by shifting American culture and social beliefs, and by challenging the traditional American values.

The Counterculture Movement had many successes, one of them was anti-war protests against the Vietnam War. During the s, the United States and the rest of the world was in danger of falling into communism. The United States, being a democratic union believed that communism endanger the values of democracy, so it sought to declare war to prevent further nations falling into the hands of communism For the first time not only did the majority of Americans posses a television set but filming technology had also developed.

vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
vietnam anti war essays Vietnam anti war essays
Vietnam anti war essays

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