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The social media platform provides opportunities for users to create online communities to share ideas, information, personal messages, etc. Youths are predominantly the users of the Internet for social interaction. These are the people who cannot imagine life without the Internet, the group seeking for ways to connect virtually to everyone in the world.

Impact of Social Media on the youth

With over half of the Nigerian population under 30 years of age, they are the ones more frequent on the Internet. We must harness the creativeness of the youth for the economic growth of Nigeria. Bearing in mind that the internet opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities to the youths, the consequences of ignorantly using social media by the youths should not be overlooked.

Whereas we are aware that the social media can have positive effects on the youths, we cannot discountenance the negative effects it also has on the youths. Several studies have been conducted on this and we outline below some of the positive and negative effects of social media on the youths.

Essay about The Internet and Social Media

The negative effects of Social Media on youths cannot be overlooked and can be overwhelming. It can have harmful effects on the youths if not controlled. Some of these effects include:. We must guide the youths and limit their exposure to the negativity of social media.

THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON THE YOUTHS - Nigeria internet Registration Association (NiRA)

Pro 6 Social media sites help employers find employees and job-seekers find work. Social media can help improve life satisfaction, stroke recovery, memory retention, and overall well-being by providing users with a large social group. Additionally, friends on social media can have a "contagion" effect, promoting and helping with exercise, dieting, and smoking cessation goals. Pro 8 Social media facilitates face-to-face interaction. People use social media to network at in-person events and get to know people before personal, business, and other meetings.

Pro 9 Social media increases voter participation. Facebook users reported they are more likely to vote if they see on social media sites that their friends voted.

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Pro 10 Social media facilitates political change. Social media gives social movements a quick, no-cost method to organize, disseminate information, and mobilize people.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

The student activists used Twitter to promote nationwide protests on Mar. Pro 11 Social media is good for the economy. Social media sites have created a new major industry and thousands of jobs.

Pro 12 Social media sites empower individuals to make social change and do social good on a community level. Social media shares popularized nine-year old Scottish student, Martha Payne, and her blog, "Never Seconds," which exposed the state of her school's lunch program prompting international attention that resulted in changes to her school and the formation of "Friends of Never Seconds" charity to feed children globally.

Pro 13 Social media helps senior citizens feel more connected to society. Pro 14 Social media helps people who are socially isolated or shy connect with other people.

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Pro 15 Social media allows for quick, easy dissemination of public health and safety information from reputable sources. Pro 16 Social media can help disarm social stigmas. The Sticks and Stones campaign uses Twitter to reduce stigmas surrounding mental health and learning disabilities. A mother was able to find a kidney donor for her sick child by posting a video on her Facebook page.

Pro 18 Social media provides academic research to a wider audience, allowing many people access to previously unavailable educational resources. Information previously restricted to academia's "ivory tower" can now be shared with the public who do not have access to restricted journals or costly databases. Researchers from a wide variety of fields are sharing photos, providing status updates, collaborating with distant colleagues, and finding a wider variety of subjects via social media, making the research process and results more transparent and accessible to a larger public.

Pro 19 Corporations and small businesses use social media to benefit themselves and consumers. Pro 20 Social media offers teachers a platform for collaboration with other teachers and communication with students outside the classroom. Pro 22 Colleges and universities use social media to recruit and retain students. Pro 23 Social media allows for rapid communication during crisis events. Over one-third of federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals surveyed say that they use social media to notify the public of emergencies or disasters.

Con 1 Social media enables the spread of unreliable and false information. This in turn helps in strengthening relationships say amongst classmates in high school or college, who after finishing school, moved to different locations around the world.

Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?

Additionally, youths can create pages and groups in the social media platforms based on their professions, faith among other dimensions of their lives and this leads to more connections being built and more opportunities being opened for their respective disciplines. This can even lead to more employment opportunities being created for the unemployed youths.

From the many interviews carried daily, youths say that social media platforms make their lives enjoyable, efficient and easier and has also become their lifestyle. Even though social media sites seem to connect more people and make them stay up to date, it leads to isolation socially according to a BBC News report. It reduces the number of face-to-face interactions amongst the youths because they normally spend most of their time on these online social platforms.

An evaluation from a number of studies done by various scientists show that social isolation can cause a number of effects such as physical, emotional, mental and psychological issues in these youths. This can in turn lead to depression, anxiety and many other problems. It also leads to misspelling of words and misuse of words and tenses through the use of short forms and abbreviations.

This has a high negative impact more so on students because it affects their language capabilities directly and this lead to poor grades in languages. Also, it exposes young teens say below eighteen years to online predators who get to woo them into sexual acts such as lesbianism and other general sexual misconducts. It also exposes these teens to pornographic content being spread in some the social groups online.

Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Youth of India

This in turn leads to early pregnancies amongst young girls causing them to drop out of school. It also can lead to contraction of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and this can lead to early deaths of our young generation. The morals of these teens is also tampered with as they now get access to immoral literature and videos.

essay on internet social networking and youth Essay on internet social networking and youth
essay on internet social networking and youth Essay on internet social networking and youth
essay on internet social networking and youth Essay on internet social networking and youth
essay on internet social networking and youth Essay on internet social networking and youth
essay on internet social networking and youth Essay on internet social networking and youth
essay on internet social networking and youth Essay on internet social networking and youth

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