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He is known all over the city for his extravagant parties full of alcohol and jazz music. This makes his name well known all over New York city, but he maintains the hard facts of him and his past hidden. Although Gatsby sounds like a despicable man he does all of this to reach his dream who is Daisy buchanan.

The Great Gatsby character analysis

His shady business affairs and hopeful dreaming deepen the main plot and contribute to the theme of the american dream that is extremely present throughout the whole story. Gatsby is able to attain his dream but in a non decent way that leaves people wondering if it was worth it or if that was the only way.

It contributes to various themes and lessons taught by the novel, like the dangers of not leaving the past behind. Home Papers The Great Gatsby character analysis. Want to know the price of your unique Paper?

Get a Price. Daisy Buchanan 3. Jordan Baker.

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In the following I will describe how the characters are linked with one another and which specialties they posses. Moreover, I intend to examine to what extent they are influenced by money and that this matter, that plays such a great role in their lives, finally makes them collapse.

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The crucial thing about Nick is that he has an exceptional position; even though he acts as a narrator, he is not really the protagonist. As this is not a popular way for telling a story, the reader could possibly ask himself if Nick is reliable. Another proof for that trait of character is the fact that he is the only one who looks after a proper funeral for his friend Gatsby. That explains why Nick surely judges others, but never by reproaching them with their faults.

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It face[s] — or seem[s] to face — the whole eternal world for an instant […]. It [understands] you just so far as you wanted to be understood […], and assure[s] you that it [has] precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you [hope] to convey Gatsby, Their relationship is a friendly contact. The only weak moment the reader witnesses is when he learns that Myrtle has been killed. Unlike her husband, Daisy is not that self-conscious. All that she wanted to achieve was a wealthy life, which was offered to her by Tom, and not by Gatsby - the one she actually loved.

That force took shape […] with […] Tom […].

Great Gatsby Essay: The Pursuit of the American Dream

In spite of being a charming and lovely young woman, she gives herself over to her passiveness; she lets it happen that she lives an unhappy relationship with Tom cheating on her. But one can imagine that she longs for more attention when she asks Nick if she is missed by the people in her home town Chicago Gatsby, Moreover, she takes into consideration to take back Gatsby, who actually made her and winning her back the very center of his life.

But this temporary change of mind cannot dissemble what she desires her daughter and herself to be, namely a fool. Although Daisy seems to be a charming person in the beginning, she turns out to be a careless, money-oriented hypocrite. They both want to live a wealthy life without many commitments except towards each other. She is also willing to help arranging a meeting between Daisy and Gatsby. Like Tom and Daisy, Jordan has been born into a world influenced by money and her character reveals that she has been spoiled by it.

Her behavior has become very indifferent and she takes it for granted, that she is unaccountable.

The Great Gatsby - Characters - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jordan is rather a substitute to Nick; he only dates her due to the fact that he also wants a girl that he can admire. She also tells him that she visits her sister every time she meets Tom in their apartment in New York Gatsby, Gatsby, Basically, what is important for her is to break out of her former life, and therefore she needs Tom.

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Myrtle admires Tom for being rich. For Tom, she is a nice pastime for a change from his wife Daisy. When they finally meet in chapter V he passes through three states. Unlike Nick, who is a realist, Gatsby is a dreamer [4]. In my opinion, George is the most wretched character. But she is actually the only contact he has. When he finds out that his wife lives a double life, he decides not to accept that, but to migrate together with her.

This shows how desperate he really is.

Great Gatsby Essay: The Pursuit of the American Dream | SchoolWorkHelper

His love for Daisy finally dispatches him. Perhaps that is why they are all doomed to failure. Above all, Gatsby has to experience that. But although the characters shipwreck because of their problematic dependency on money, the reader is impressed most of the time by all the wealth and possession in that glamorous world of the roaring twenties.

Daisy and her voice are able to represent that at its best. Gatsby himself is the best example for that; he tries to repeat the past, but the more he tries, the further he steps back, and in the end, he dies.

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