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I had heard they were the holy trinity of the silent era—so their most popular movies would be as good a starting point as any. It may sound crazy, but I was instantly hooked.

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My roommate freshman year was notorious for the parties he threw in our apartment. Late one night, in the middle of one such soiree, he came into our bedroom to find me glued to my computer watching Safety Last. An unforeseen benefit of silent films—and a critical one as a college student, where peace and quiet can be a luxury. I was constantly challenging myself to discover new actors, new directors, new genres.

I was also surprised to learn that I had been surrounded by silent movies my entire life without even realizing it. Next I found out that one of my favorite bands—The Smashing Pumpkins—had released an album entitled Gish after a silent film actress. One day I arrived at my classroom so early that the prior class—an ethnographic studies course—was still in session.

If you want to find silent films from other countries, scroll down the list to see silent films followed by a country name. The entries under those headings are films produced in that country.

However, don't overlook the list under the first heading. That list also contains foreign produced silent films. To find books about silent films, look at the subject headings that contain " history and criticism. Articles and other writings about movies can be found in many publications. Our collection has 2 journals which look at silent films. They are listed below. Other film journals within our collection will cover silent films.

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More silent films in the collections. Toggle navigation.

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Search this Guide Search. Film Genres: Silent films This guide highlights library resources for some of the more popular film genres. Lucinda M. Email Me. Schedule Appointment. The era of silent film encompasses the thirty-five-year span between the initial development of film technology around and the widespread adoption of synchronized sound around It was a vitally important period in film history, both for the artistry of the films it produced and for the societal impact of the various institutions that developed to produce and display those films.

Numerous films from the silent era are regarded as landmarks of world cinema, just as some of the stars and filmmakers that dominated the period remain among the most beloved and influential in film history. Silent Film Online contains more than 1, streaming online titles. These films represent the foundation of modern cinematic technique and film theory. Silent Film Society of Chicago This society is dedicated to the preservation and proper presentation of silent films.

Finding library resources for silent films The Jones Media Center has a collection of silent films for viewing. Just insert the name of the country after "silent films. Introductory reading s American silent horror, science fiction and fantasy feature films, by John T. Soister and Henry Nicolella. During the Silent Era, when most films dealt with dramatic or comedic takes on the boy meets girl, boy loses girl theme, other motion pictures dared to tackle such topics as rejuvenation, revivication, mesmerism, the supernatural and the grotesque.

Encyclopedia of Early Cinema by Richard Abel, ed. The Encyclopedia of Early Cinema is a unique one-volume reference work which explores the first 25 years of cinema's development, from the early s to the mids. These early years of the history of cinema have lately been the subject of resurgent interest and a growing body of scholarship, and have come to be recognized as an extraordinarily diverse period, when moving pictures were quite unlike the kind of cinema that later emerged as the dominant norm.

This encyclopedia covers all aspects of scholarship on early cinema, both traditional and revisionist. Silent cinema : an introduction by Paolo Cherchi Usai. This revised guide to silent film studies contains two new chapters that present an analysis of color technology and aesthetics. They look at how silent films are saved, restored and made accessible via archives.

Selected book titles Black and white bioscope : making movies in Africa, to by Neil Parsons. Black and White Bioscope recovers a neglected chapter in the histories of world cinema and Africa. But first, what is meant by a scenario?

Film Genres: Silent films

At first, the scenario was nothing more than a short synopsis, and gradually it came to resemble what we would today call a script or screenplay with scenes listed in sequence. The to period is characterized by the professionalization and institutionalization of writing for the screen, although in the first half of this period, when the demand for stories was so high, many actresses also wrote their own scenarios.

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Sargent even reported in Moving Picture World that at the Edison Company everyone on the set was writing scenarios. Women as well as men supervised scenario departments, taking the highly responsible position of scenario editor, some for relatively long tenures, like Marguerite Bertsch at Vitagraph — , Bradley King at Ince — , Gertrude Thanhouser at Thanhouser — , and Lillian Spellman Stone at the Lubin Company.

Thomas A. Hettie Gray Baker examines film strip. Courtesy of the Connecticut Historical Society. As a company job, the scenario writer was sometimes also responsible for titling, or intertitle writing, and within this labor of writing there might have been another breakdown: continuity writer, film editor, and scenario editor McGilligan , 2.

Some women established themselves as both film editor and scenario editor, the latter of which required more writing, as, for example, Beta Breuil and Hettie Gray Baker , who emerged from the editing department to head up departments as scenario editors. First it is delivered to the Scenario Department, where it is duly opened and catalogued by an under clerk.

Carr was among the group of women who saw scenario writing as a profession and wrote manuals published in the silent as well as in the sound era. Beranger, Clara. Dubuque: WM. Brown, Bertsch, Marguerite. How to Write for Moving Pictures. New York: George H. Doran, Carr, Catherine. The Art of Photoplay Writing. New York: Hannis Jordan, Corbaley, Kate.

Selling Manuscripts in the Photoplay Market. Los Angeles: Palmer Photoplay, Emerson, John, and Anita Loos. How to Write Photoplays. New York: McCann, Macpherson, Jeanie. The Necessity and Value of Theme in the Photoplay. Parsons, Louella O. Chicago: A. McClurg, Patterson, Frances Taylor. Cinema Craftsmanship. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Howe, Radinoff, Florence. Radnor, Leona.

The Photoplay Writer. New York: Leona Radnor, Russell, Lillian Case. New York: M. Publishing, The Photo-playwrights Primer. Johns, Adela Rogers. How to Write a Story and Sell It. Garden City: Doubleday, Screenwriting drew from a bottomless labor pool, indicated by the number of submissions the scenario editor had to manage. Although trade papers and fan magazines encouraged audience members to send stories, only Lenore Coffee , Anita Loos, and Agnes Christine Johnson began significant careers by mailing stories to studios.

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But for the career writers featured here, the telltale news item mentioning that she left a company to freelance is more than likely an indication that she was out of a job. June Mathis began as a scenario writer and then at Metro Pictures advanced to scenario editor and producer, where she is often credited with discovering Rudolph Valentino and writing the script for The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the popular novel. After the institution of the scenario department in the major production companies, around , another job evolved, that of preparing a detailed shooting script from story submissions or literary properties Holliday , — Title writing became more specialized and might have been given a separate credit, as was the case with the team Katharine Hilliker and H.

essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
essay silent film genres Essay silent film genres
Essay silent film genres

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