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Over the next few days, Dexter begins to have dreams about the Tamiami Trail killer. It seems that Dexter dreams the details of the killer's future kills. These dreams cause the desire to kill in Dexter to come to life. Dexter takes a chance and kills a man he has been watching for a while. This kill is not as well organized as Dexter's crimes normally are, and he is nearly caught.

The thrill leads Dexter to do something he would not usually do. Dexter has intimate relations with Rita. A few days later, Dexter goes for a drive in the middle of the night to clear his head, and he finds himself chasing a refrigerator truck like the one he imagines the killer would use. When Dexter loses the truck, he pulls to the side of the road only to have the truck reappear. The driver maneuvers the truck past Dexter and throws something out the window. It turns out to be a woman's head. While Dexter submits to LaGuerta's questioning about the woman's head, they receive word that another body had been found.

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The body is at the ice rink of the local professional hockey team. Dexter once again sees the beauty in this kill, and he is more anxious than ever to find this killer. Later, Dexter discovers the killer has been in his house and left a message. Dexter believes the killer is talking directly to him through his victims.

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Understandably, Dexter is disappointed when it seems that LaGuerta has caught the killer. However, Dexter soon realizes that LaGuerta's prisoner is not the real killer.

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Dexter warns Deborah that the killer will strike again. When the killer does kill again, the police find only three heads, each with an object that seems to be a message just for Dexter. Dexter tells Deborah that not only are these by the same killer, but suggests that the rest of the bodies are more than likely going to be found at the ice rink.

Deborah and Dexter go to the ice rink and find the bodies arranged in a closet to spell out a message. While investigating this display, Deborah stumbles on an employee of the ice rink, who takes videos of the parking lot every night in order to post images of the hockey players on a fan website. This camera picks up an image of the killer, a killer who looks just like Dexter.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter Summary & Study Guide

Deborah gives Dexter a few hours to figure out what is going on before she turns in the evidence. However, before Deborah can retrieve the images, she is kidnapped. Dexter goes in search of Deborah and is followed by Detective LaGuerta. LaGuerta has come to believe that Dexter has something to do with the murders.

However, LaGuerta trusts Dexter enough to separate while they search the docks for a shipping container in which Dexter believes the killer is waiting.

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Dexter finds the killer first. The killer looks just like Dexter and turns out to be his brother. The killer wants Dexter to help him kill Deborah. Before Dexter can refuse, LaGuerta comes into the container. The killer stabs LaGuerta and continues to insist Dexter help kill Deborah. Dexter refuses, so he and his brother kill LaGuerta instead. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get Darkly Dreaming Dexter from Amazon.

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View the Lesson Plans. Plot Summary. Chapter 1. I'm kind of worried about the ruining the end of the books so I'm trying to keep fairly ahead of my watching with reading the books, but I'm not sure why since I know they are SO different. I know I'm in the minority, but don't skip out on the last 2 seasons. I admit that things get a bit weird, but that's why I like it. At the very least, it's certainly not a cliche way to end the series!

Check it out and form your own opinion. I read the first two books; they were ok, but the whole series is a complete rip-off of The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson, which is very good. I found that the books were a bit more over the top but Dexter stays more in line with that wearing a mask of normal emotions where as the show I guess to make the main character more relatable started having him actually feel them.

I like the books, they have a lot of really black humour. Season 7 is pretty bad but it's also very cliffhanger-y, so it's very easy to get caught up in the "What's going to happen next? The finale was a great setup for the final season, but Season 8 was the worst season of any show I've ever watched.

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I'm not being figurative or exaggerating for effect. I've watched a bunch of tv, and something has to be objectively the worst, and it is easily the last season of Dexter.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

The plot was all teed up and they threw their bat into the stands. For the rest of the season, every character makes the worst possible decision to every single problem.

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Worse than horror movie protagonist level decisions. How can I sum up Season 8? There is an actual plot point involving a toddler getting thrown off the back of a treadmill, as acted out by a full grown stunt man. It was B-movie bad. I'm honestly convinced the writers hated the audience and the show, and actively tried to punish anyone and everyone related to it. It peaked with 4 and took a sharp nosedive from there. The last two seasons being downright insultingly bad.

The book series and the tv show ate pretty different but I think the books are just as good as the show. There are a few really big differences but they make the books just that much better. They're amazing. I read the books first and watched a season or so if the series before turning it off. Read the books, you won't regret it.

darkly dreaming dexter book report Darkly dreaming dexter book report
darkly dreaming dexter book report Darkly dreaming dexter book report
darkly dreaming dexter book report Darkly dreaming dexter book report
darkly dreaming dexter book report Darkly dreaming dexter book report
darkly dreaming dexter book report Darkly dreaming dexter book report

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