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Better Essays words 7 pages Preview. The weapons they carry show that they have authority over the local community.

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However, as police departments throughout the nation attain militarized weapons, conflict between society and the law arises. Officers are beginning to use the weapons they carry with extreme, deadly force, leading to more deaths of innocent civilians. Clearly, the distribution of military weapons to police and other local law enforcement directly relates to conflict amongst society and law enforcement, ultimately breaking the trust that a community should have with their local officers Better Essays words 4.

It is determined that police culture ethos is labeled as independence, secrecy, isolation, cohesion, and bravery, which police officers are persuaded by socialization procedures and police subcultures Police Officer Behavior - Individual Characteristics Of Officers, The law enforcement profession has been recognized by the community as an honorable because the men and women of the police force are devoted to safeguard their community from criminals and willing to jeopardy their lives to achieve the operation Better Essays words 2.

Police officers need to set good examples to the people around them. They also have to talk and give information to any pedestrians that may need help.

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They heck for any law violations, respond to radio calls, watch for anything suspicious going on, and they also need to investigate any dangerous conditions that could harm anyone. Police officers are supposed to stop crime as much as possible and make sure everyone is safe One giant jet-black cloud of smoke streaked through the sky as America entered into a new age - an age of terror.

The first Twin Tower of the World Trade Center had been stuck and burned like a giant cigar in the horizon of the city. Hundreds of police officers went as first responders, ready to help and protect more people from ultimate death. These officers went into this scene of terror with bravery and selflessness, making civilian lives their main priority According to article of Journal of quantitative criminology, writers Ariel, Farrar, Sutherland, Body cameras have been given a new eye opener to people about the excessive use of force against their community members.

As Benjamin Spock once said: "Most middle-class whites have no idea what it feels like to be subjected to police who are routinely suspicious, rude, belligerent, and brutal. They are putting their life on the line for us every day trying to make this world a better place. It is one of the most critical problems we face today because it is making people hate them and our children fear them. Better Essays words 6. I say minimize instead of stop, since no one can stop or control the action of others but we can reduce how often these negative actions take place with stronger penalties in place.

Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. Today, police forces screen candidates who want to be police officers based on their level of education Goff, , p. Police forces also often more training on the job and greater specialized training on the job Council of Canadian Academies, , p.

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By raising the education standards of officers, as well as offering more on job training, police agencies aim to employ more efficient officers with increased knowledge on the use of technology p. Studies have shown that law enforcement officers with more education are better at dealing with stress from the job, take more initiative on the job, are more professional on the job, and generate less public comp This limb of government defends against total chaos and maintains something such as the order of laws and due process in the democracy that is the United States is. When political anarchy, social injustices, and crime end up leading to civil depravities that go against the foundation of democracy, society depends on the police to come in and keep the peace, while attempting to restore the order But the use of body-worn cameras by police personnel brings about many unanswered questions and debate.

Rising questions about the use of body cam are from concern citizens and law enforcement personnel. In this present day America, the use body cameras by all law enforcement personnel and agencies are one of the controversial topics being discussed on a daily base It is the responsibility of Police officers to deter crime in an ethical manner by adequately patrolling their assigned beats and promoting public relations on a persistent basis. Police officers are compensated to uphold the law by removing the freedom, reputations and lives of those whom violate or attempt to violate the law There are specific laws in which all people, including police officers and anyone in the judicial system, should uphold and abide by.

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of The officer is at liberty to use their authority to detain citizens, search their belongings, use physical force against them or deprive them of their normal liberties Moll, Based on that fact, it is expected of the individual to conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of such power. So the question that has plagued citizens and governing officials alike is; how can we determine if an individual will exercise those liberties responsibly Roger Pauley and patrolman Paul Fiocca have led to the department being in a transition.

He served his entire year law enforcement career with Rittman I chose to do a ride along because I believed it was the most interesting choice, and the choice that would require the most of me to step out of my comfort zone.

As someone in the internet generation, I believe we are given a lot of false information and representation of police officers. Because of this, I wanted to have the opportunity to see what police officers go through on a daily basis, and to meet a police officer other than from the other end of a speeding ticket This is due in case to technology and now all there actions are recorded by the people, since everyone has a phone with a camera these days. When we have cases all over the country where officers have come in scrutiny over their use of force and whether it was justified.

Examples of these cases can be seen in such instances as the Oscar grant case and Fergusion more recently In Texas, there has been a great deal of many police officers taking advantage of their position in law. Starting with fatal shootings that have left citizens dead, physical abuse such as punching citizens to lay on the floor to get handcuff without getting mirandize, and vulgar language used when arresting citizen.

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This furthermore proves that Texas has problem police officers. Does the lack of Critical thinking, values, Ethics and Understanding the role as a police officer contribute to hire number of incidents. There is a chance that answer to this questions might always be divided, why. Well because officers will tend to defend their side and how the view the problem and the public will also defend their side and how they view the problem, for example most officers would probably say that people do not comply with their orders or the public might outcry because of the use of excessive force, it is most certain that there will never be an agreement on who is wright or Better Essays words 5 pages Preview.

The police are paid by the community to both serve and protect the community. Body cameras, worn by the police as they go about their duty, can reassure the community that the police are living up to their responsibilities Saint Louis, Missouri Police Departments has been shown to be, threw numerous news broadcasting, as the defining reason for the public disorder between officers and citizens There have been 1, cases of excessive force resulting in fatality.

Almost half of cases of sexual misconduct have been committed against minors. An exponential increase in injustice killings have sparked protests across the nation, igniting wildfires of violent civil unrest. The American public no longer have any faith in their police forces, but when officers behave in a manner that suggests the law does not apply to them, and are seemingly never punished for wrongful actions, not even murder, would you even consider placing your trust in them Police officers now go through extensive training, are better educated, physically fit, and have access to vast technologies in the fight against crime.

Yet even with these additional attributes, the primary role of the police officer has remained the same, to serve and protect. The people who take up this profession do it knowing that it will involve working in high stress environments, rotating work shifts, long periods way from family and friends, and instances of life and death Strong Essays words 5.

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The use of force for police officers is something I find to be justified and right, because it can possible help save the officers life and any witnesses lives. Everyday law enforcement personal have the possibility to face dangerous events in their daily duties Strong Essays words 4. Officers often have to put their life on the line to complete their duty of protecting society and maintaining law and order, they have to fight through aggressive criminals and crack down on fugitives.

According to Bier , The average police officer has to confront with the mentally ill, drunken civilians and criminal suspects on a daily basis, this is not only physically draining but also mentally draining from the constant psychological stress that accompanies the occupation Back then, police also used force for any fleeing felon, which basically meant whenever.

Whether the behavior of these police officers is ethical or unethical will be established. Additionally, this essay with examine and apply concepts learned throughout the course that are relevant to the activities demonstrate by police officers. Misconceptions are views or opinions that are based on misunderstandings or false thinking. While stereotypes are images or ideas that are fixed on a certain person or thing.

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  • There are many misconceptions due to unhealthy attitudes and unrealistic thinking. Also, the large amount of stereotypes are mainly due to the manipulation of mass media. Yet, when it comes to stereotypes and misconceptions peace officers and individuals with law enforcement experience a large deal of them Officers are supposed to live their lives by a certain code, which includes moral ideals such as professionalism, accountability, integrity, trust, commitment, and service.

    After all, the power that an officer is entrusted with once they have completed their training is tremendous and should not be taken for granted. Police are granted a mandate to use force to protect the greater good of their citizens and serve to enforce peace in their communities. However, that mandate is not beyond reproach, especially when the actions of the police appear to blatantly disregard their duties to protect and serve.

    Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Law Enforcement Officers

    Recent events in Dallas, New York and New Mexico have shown there is a small percentage of the public willing to openly assassinate Police Officers backed by an organization which should be labeled as a hate group. The Black Lives Matter movement have openly called for violence against police officers, and whites based on illogical arguments and the unwillingness to pursue factual truths The minor offenses are often over look.

    Social psychologists and police officers tend to agreed if a building window is broken and left unrepaired, the rest of the windows will soon be broken. This applied to everything, not just windows. A car is a perfect example because everybody has a car Such as the example of the situation that happened in Ferguson, where a white officer shot a black man and the incident ensued riots, and other acts of violence in the streets of Ferguson for days.


    The police hiring process, training, in-field monitoring, and disciplinary actions must be adjusted to eliminate discriminatory actions against citizens. Likewise, it is a necessity for citizens to be informed of their rights, civil liberties, and how they can resolve corruption within the justice system. These actions seek to shrink the number of minorities who are racial profiled and brutalized by police officers Whether it be a small town a large city or the United States as a whole, police officers are there to protect civilians and to ensure that those who break the law are brought to Justice.

    There are those who believe that police officers abuse their authority and often take matters too far. Within the last year an anti police organization that has become fed up with police officer involvement has become one of the biggest topics in our nation Better Essays words 5.

    police officer research paper Police officer research paper
    police officer research paper Police officer research paper
    police officer research paper Police officer research paper
    police officer research paper Police officer research paper
    police officer research paper Police officer research paper

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