Traffic congestion solution essay

The London Program Has Cut Congestion
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Nowadays, it is obvious that the congestion in most countries is on the increase and cities are becoming busier. In my opinion, this problem must be tackled because it is a global issue and most people, especially those who live in big cities, are affected by it. Traffic congestion is caused by commuters travelling to work. One of the main reasons for traffic jam is that the majority of people prefer using their own cars instead of public transportation means that they tend to travel alone.

Because, public transportation is not reliable and efficient for them and with an increasing world population, the cars on the roads are also increased.

Another factor is that most people live in the suburbs outside the city center and they tend to travel at the same time of day. Moreover, cars and road space are not used efficiently.

What Really Causes Traffic Congestion? - BKLYNER

As a result, this causes traffic jams during the rush hour. There are several ways to mitigate this problem. In order to reduce traffic we should our working habits. The internet can now be used to connect people. For instance, people can now work from home and meetings can be held as video conferences, workers could be given flexible timetables. Another solution would be to charge a congestion fee for every car that will go into a city centre.

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  • Traffic Congestion;
  • Thus to avoid this congestion resource allocation is done Powerful Essays words 2. Introduction At this time many countries are facing environmental problems due to the use of private vehicles that are not controlled as air and noise pollution, traffic congestion, and other environmental impacts.

    There are many such issues in some developing countries that are growing rapidly in the industry sector and the economy. This requires a strategy and policy in dealing with issues such as the implementation of the congestion pricing, restriction of vehicles at a specified time, improvement public transportation services, infrastructure development for the use of non-motorized so as to increase use of bicycles and walking distance to travel, etc Powerful Essays words 7.

    Accessed 24 Oct.

    Fighting Traffic Congestion with Information Technology

    Since congestion on Interstate 35 is constantly increasing, the Texas Department of Transportation is attempting to switch 35 to a toll road and , which is currently a toll road, to a free road in order to move traffic out of Austin. Officials are considering several solutions to relieve congestion on I that include switching parts of road from toll-free to tolled An eight-phase traffic signal controller is illustrated in this paper. Also, structural analysis of the control Petri net is performed to show that it endorses traffic safety. It also discusses how this tool can be used with more advanced technologies in the future.

    The following paper will review the G.

    List, and M. However if it is to continue to remain a dominant power it must remain in key positions throughout the world. The United States military is used for more than just fighting the nations wars, it is also used as a diplomatic tool, a deterrent, and to assist in stabilizing the world economy. The effects of reducing U.

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    Powerful Essays words 4 pages. The first and foremost reason is that increase in petrol price would surely affect the pocket of common man.

    Because petrol is one of basic necessity for everyone. To illustrate, it is evident that, every common man need petrol to run their vehicles to go to work, school, college, and other places.

    Reducing Traffic Congestion Essay

    So, if the government would increase the price, even then everyone has to buy it by ignoring their expenditures. So, ultimately, it affects the budget of poor ones. Another reason is that increase in the price of petrol will lead to raising the cost of other household items.

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    A rise in petrol price would affect the cost of products. Because of rising in petrol cost, companies would increase the product price in order to meet the extra cost. To reduce the traffic, a government must reduce the price of public transportation.

    traffic congestion solution essay Traffic congestion solution essay
    traffic congestion solution essay Traffic congestion solution essay
    traffic congestion solution essay Traffic congestion solution essay
    traffic congestion solution essay Traffic congestion solution essay
    traffic congestion solution essay Traffic congestion solution essay
    traffic congestion solution essay Traffic congestion solution essay
    traffic congestion solution essay Traffic congestion solution essay

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