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Statistics Do my homework for me Math homework. Ready to get your homework done? I also feel like, if I made it through college twice! Thanks for sharing your experience, Sarah — I find another essay-writing site seems to be born each week. Inside Freelance Writers Den, we recently had writers asking about WriterBay, which looks to be yet another one of these essay sites.

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Folks need to return to their basics of vetting an opportunity — look for writers who can talk about what they do and actually get paid, what the work is really like. Carol, WritersBay was one of the sites that contacted me! They cold-emailed me out of the blue, sounded like a potentially great opportunity, and mentioned nothing about writing for students — only that it was academic and non-academic writing on a variety of topics. Sarah, if you email help freelancewritersden. Carol, I totally agree with you.

Writing essays for students is highly unethical. However, there are legitimate ways of freelance writing in the academic world. Thanks for raising this, John — besides college textbook supplements, there are many other ways to leverage your college background writing for universities, including articles for alumni mags, web content, internal or external communications or PR, donor letters, and more.

All of which CAN be used to build a great portfolio. Also — I think every one of those other opportunities pays way better than essay ghosting, anyway!

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Not helping her with them, writing them for her. So she learned that other people will do her work for her. I have a question: what do you think of being paid to write school applications for other people? There is a booming world of college consultants, who help families figure out what college would be the best fit for their particular kid, and helping them present themselves well. Where does the line cross from helping a student perfect their college essay, and flat-out writing it for them?

I think no. Editing their essay, making suggestions, sure. But, I had enough of that doing my own essays when I was in college. So, yeah, no thanks! Thank you for this article. If we want rights and protection as professional writers, then we must uphold our responsibilities to conduct ours car as professionals. There is no place for cheating, misrepresenting originality, in a professional writing career. Beautifully put, Shalon. Writers usually care so passionately about rights, and about plagiarism — why is this niche the magical exception? Having been a teacher and being also in possession of a PhD , I find this utterly disgusting.

They blithely ignore the fact that a writing an assignment makes you learn a subject properly because you have to really engage with it and b even engineers need to be able to communicate their ideas effectively in writing. Same here, Eloise. The writing can be boring, and you have to do a lot of it. It would be easy to burn out. Another big thing for the people I know is that the hours are highly irregular.

Students often need papers at the last minute, and the pay is higher for urgent work. Certain times of the year will have you flooded with work, and other times there will be little or no work. Not a glamorous niche in any way. Please explain to us.

Do you live in a world that lacks a moral compass, no clear sense of right and wrong? I mean, why not just sell crack? Literally just providing a set of facts based on a few people I know who do the work — this group does not include myself. I did not say that I, personally, am OK with the ethical issues. Just my impression. The trouble with your analogy is that selling crack is illegal.

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The consequences include things like jail time and a criminal record. The consequences could be shattering to the student-client who is caught, but the writer walks away. Nothing except the knowledge of who you are when no-one else is watching.

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Els, ghosting academic papers is against the ethics code of every college, and it gets students expelled. Does there need to be jail time attached to this for you to see it as wrong? Or do you have an inner moral compass of what sort of person you want to be in this world? Does that not make you uncomfortable, the malpractice and injury that could ensue from that? Well, certainly there are legitimate kinds of academic writing, such as research papers for science-research institutions, and writing textbook supplements.

I do academic research papers — mostly literature reviews -for an educational research support company which works with teachers. The guy wanted a paper writing for the last part of his osteopath Masters and I do a lot of medical writing now. But part of the whole morally relativistic culture we live in today, where things that used to be clear-cut wrongs, for many, now seem to be hey, why not, who cares. Read a little closer, though, and a little farther down the page, you get this: Ho! Sounds fishier now, right? Why academic writing is a road to nowhere Here are the three things you need to build a great freelance writing portfolio and begin commanding professional rates: Referrals Testimonials Portfolio samples With academic writing, you get none of the above.

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Essay sites are never going to refer you a better client and cut themselves out of the deal. Answers to the Awkward Newbie Questions. Tagged with: academic writing , essay writing , scams , school papers. Carol Tice says:. December 7, at am. Stephanie Sides says:. December 6, at pm. Riannon Westall says:.

academic writing help scams Academic writing help scams
academic writing help scams Academic writing help scams
academic writing help scams Academic writing help scams
academic writing help scams Academic writing help scams
academic writing help scams Academic writing help scams
academic writing help scams Academic writing help scams
academic writing help scams Academic writing help scams

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