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Banks whose CEOs have higher PPS have significantly better abnormal stock returns around the time of the acquisition announcements. View PDF.

The Debate Over CEO Compensation Essay

Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Figures and Tables from this paper. Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. Director compensation incentives and acquisition performance Ismail Lahlou , Patrick Navatte. Essays on Mergers and Acquisitions Marcin A. Increase taxes on corporations whose CEOs make more than times their average employees. Get big money out of our democracy. Fight for campaign finance reform. Grossly widening inequalities of income and wealth cannot be separated from grossly widening inequalities of political power in America.

This corruption must end.

And, in turn, because business is such a central institution in American society, they also shape our national culture and character. For most of the twentieth century, the large, public corporation was regarded as both an economic entity and a social institution. Shareholders were but one of several constituencies that stood in relation to the corporation. Today, corporations are typically described in terms of economic and financial considerations alone. Within this dominant paradigm, corporations are seen simply as groups of self-interested market actors--shareholders, employees, executives, or customers--held together by nothing more than a series of contracts.

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But this image of the corporation is problematic: it has nothing to say about the unavoidable fact that organizations are themselves complex social systems. Over time, they become imbued with affect, content, norms, values, culture, and meaning. Defining the organization as a nexus of individual contracts conveniently dispenses with issues of power, coercion, and exploitation.

Without empirical justification, it relieves the corporate institution of any meaningful responsibility to anyone but the transitory group of stockholders who buy and sell shares constantly. We need to change the terms of the conversation, to make room for a larger and more public discussion about the purpose of the corporation and larger moral and political considerations.

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Every corporation is embedded in a social matrix, and is accountable for multiple factors within that social setting: obligations to the society that provides it tax advantages or public goods, such as public schooling, publicly financed research, or basic infrastructure such as roads and airports. As part of that broader public conversation, we also need to revisit what has happened to the identity of management and what it means to be a manager.

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In part, we believe that the perspective and practices that now undergird executive compensation have themselves mutated the identity of managers fundamentally. At places like Harvard Business School, the prevailing paradigm regards managers as relentless, self-interested free agents ready to make tracks out of their companies and to sacrifice the long-term for immediate gain. Both of us have dedicated our professional lives to business education; we believe deeply in the power of profit-driven business as an institution.

But business is useful only if it serves as a means toward an end. We are now presented with choices about sustainability, pandemics, economic and social justice, and the environment that concern nothing less than our collective destiny. The recent economic crisis and the role that our compensation systems played in fomenting it require a holistic re-examination not only of compensation but of the assumptions and values underlying the economic system we have created.

Our present condition offers us a unique opportunity to re-envision our journey and our ultimate destination. Re-thinking the nature of executive pay within the context of our larger economic and social system and the challenges we face may enable us to create a new model of compensation rooted in a more realistic recognition of the social context within which firms operate. Jay Lorsch, D.

Hall last fall on executive compensation; a summary of the proceedings is available. The authors thank Melissa Barton for her help with research for this article. View the discussion thread. Footnotes for the preceding article follow: H.

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    Edward E. Thomas A. Charles A. Personal correspondence Michael C. Jensen and William H. Dobbin and D. We are indebted to their discussions of the implications of agency theory for managerial identity. DiMaggio and W.

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    Ceo compensation essay
    Ceo compensation essay
    Ceo compensation essay
    Ceo compensation essay
    Ceo compensation essay
    Ceo compensation essay
    Ceo compensation essay

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