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My Antonia By Willa Cather

Although Cather began her writing career as a journalist, she made a distinction between journalism, which she saw as being primarily informative, and literature, which she saw as an art form.

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Some critics have charged Cather with being out of touch with her times and failing to use more experimental techniques, such as stream of consciousness , in her writing. She had formed and matured her ideas on art before she wrote a novel. She had no more reason to follow Gertrude Stein and James Joyce , whose work she respected, than they did to follow her. Her style solves the problems in which she was interested. She wanted to stand midway between the journalists whose omniscient objectivity accumulate more fact than any character could notice and the psychological novelist whose use of subjective point of view stories distorts objective reality.

She developed her theory on a middle ground, selecting facts from experience on the basis of feeling and then presenting the experience in a lucid, objective style. Cather's style is not the accumulative cataloguing of the journalists, nor the fragmentary atomism of psychological associations. In a essay on Willa Cather, H. Mencken apologized for having suggested that Cather was a talented but inconsequential imitator of Edith Wharton. He praised her for abandoning New England as a locale for the "Middle West of the great immigrations.

The English novelist A. Byatt observes that with each work Cather reinvented the novel form "to look at a new human world. Cather made her last trip to Red Cloud in for a family gathering following the death of her mother.

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She continued to stay in touch with her Red Cloud friends and she sent money to Annie Pavelka and other country families during the Depression years. In , Cather published Obscure Destinies , her final collection of short fiction, which contained " Neighbour Rosicky ", one of her most highly regarded stories. Cather and Edith Lewis moved into a new apartment on Park Avenue , and Cather began work on her next novel, Lucy Gayheart , a book that revealed "its author's darkening vision as she began her seventh decade.

Cather suffered two devastating losses in In June, her favorite brother, Douglass, died of a heart attack. Cather was too grief-stricken to attend the funeral. Cather and McClung had lived together when Cather first arrived in Pittsburgh, and while McClung eventually married and moved with her husband to Toronto, [51] the two women remained devoted friends.

When the French army surrendered to Nazi Germany , Cather wrote in her diary: "There seems to be no future at all for people of my generation. However, the novel was a great critical and commercial success, with an advance printing of 25, copies. It was then adopted by the Book of the Month Club , which bought more than , copies.

Although an inflamed tendon in her hand hampered her writing, Cather managed to finish a good part of a novel set in Avignon , France. However, Edith Lewis destroyed the manuscript, according to Cather's instructions, when Cather died. Cather's remaining papers reveal that Cather had titled the unfinished manuscript Hard Punishments and set it in the 14th century during the papal reign of Antipope Benedict XIV.

On April 24, , Cather died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 73 in her home at Park Avenue in Manhattan. She had first visited Jaffrey in when she joined Isabelle McClung and her husband, violinist Jan Hambourg , [55] staying at the Shattuck Inn, where she came late in life for the seclusion necessary for her writing. This does not include recent collections of early stories which were originally published in periodicals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the judge, see William Cather Hook. Truman Capote, however, a personal acquaintance, pronounced her surname so as to rhyme with "bather".

My Ántonia

Willa Cather: A Literary Life. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. Cather's birth date is confirmed by a birth certificate and a January 22, , letter of her father's referring to her.

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  • While working at McClure's Magazine , Cather claimed to be born in After , she claimed as her birth year. That is the date carved into her gravestone at Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Retrieved March 11, Willa Cather in Pittsburgh.

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