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In online classes, the learner is not directly interacting with the faculty. However, these courses often offer alternatives to live query resolution like online forums, emails, and chatrooms.

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Using these alternatives can be helpful for individuals to get their queries answered. People often think that interacting with a trainer live is the best way to learn, as it is interactive and allows for two-way communication.

Main Difference Between Online And Traditional Education

For such types of people, synchronous online courses will be more appropriate. Another way to acquire knowledge through an online medium is by searching on different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Although this helps by reducing the amount of books one has to read, there may be too many sources of information one has to read, and choose the relevant ones, which can result in information overload. Thus online learning may be more suitable for grownups who are continuing their education while they're working in their regular jobs.

Traditional classes are more suitable for young children, teenagers, and young adolescents who are yet to join the workforce. Regular attendance in classes helps them interact with other individuals of their own age, be better disciplined, follow a regular schedule, and improve their physical fitness and mental alertness. Classroom learning helps students and teachers know each other in a better manner. This allows teachers to know the students and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses better, act as mentors, and guide students in their career possibilities.

In a traditional classroom, students can directly share their views and clarify their own queries with the teacher, thus getting their questions answered right away.

Comparison-Contrast:Taking an Online Course vs. Taking a Traditional Course - Essay Example

Most of the time books and classroom notes are very useful for studying and passing exams. Also, classroom learning is more helpful due to a continuous interaction between students and teachers, as it helps students to get rid of their fears regarding exams, which can rarely happen with online guidance. We use cookies in order to personalize your experience, display relevant advertising, offer social media sharing capabilities and analyze our website's performance.

Compare and Contrast Essay

Read all about it in our cookie policy. The traditional way of taking classroom classes lets you have a total time of at least 60 hours of face to face as to where the 8 weeks allows for only 32 hours of class.

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There are set schedules in the classroom environment, but if the teacher feels their students do not understand the concept they can change the schedule or adapt the teaching. In the classroom environment the teacher can see who is putting the effort in the group assignment and give the correct credit to the students who do the work and effort. Meeting your teacher and peers face to face allows for better understanding of feedback, which you receive from your teacher and peers on assignments and allows you to better improve your assignment before the final copy has to be turn in to the teacher.

Group Assignments in online classes are a lot hard to plan and takes a lot of more time to figure out when everyone can work on the project together or just to figure out on whom does what part. When you have to email each other or using another program to communicate to each other and figure out how to plan between everyone schedules.

Some colleges and universities used Blackboard or similar systems, which provides a structured format for teachers to post announcements, assignments, course documents, faculty credentials and course notes for easy student access. This helps with students taking the classes online to be better prepared but it is able used with the classroom environment to.

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This even helps more with the traditional way of taking classes because it allows the students to seek feedback from the teacher in person and have a schedule, which they can view from anywhere if they have internet and a computer. In the traditional classroom environment the individual assignments can sometimes be hard and you need help from the teacher.

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Many teachers let the students in the classroom review the day before the test in class and also before taking the class to allow the students the best grade they can get from studying. Instead they have them do more papers or homework assignments which shows the teacher they are doing their work. Online classes lets the students take responsibility for their own leaning more than traditional instructional approaches but some students have a hard time learning if they are not being pushed to study for the tests and do the homework.

As for myself taking classes in the traditional way of taking classes allows the students a better improve on their studies and provides them with more feedback from the teacher and allows better communication with peers and your teacher.

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With the integration of Blackboard, it allows the students to better schedule their days and plan ahead. Online classrooms usually have a text function built in which can act as a back channel for the audience to make sure they are engaged. In online classes, lack of visual feedback is a common challenge for teachers. When presenting directly to an audience in the same room, we are able to adapt our delivery depending on visual feedback from the audience.

A room full of bored faces is a sure sign to a presenter or teacher that they need to introduce a more interesting activity or adapt their delivery to engage the audience more. In the online classroom, a more astute presenter will make full use of the tools available to get similar feedback. Regular questions to the audience which they can respond to with voting tools are a useful way to check that the attendees are engaged in a live online session.

The anonymity of not being physically present in a classroom can also be a benefit to learners attending online sessions.

Key differences between classroom and online learning

Likewise, learners with a physical disability which limits their participation in traditional classroom activities are at no disadvantage in a virtual classroom where all participants are equal. To sum up, while there are differences between physical and online learning, in the hands of a well-trained teacher, both delivery methods can be used to achieve the same goals. Which one you choose depends on the logistics of delivering your training as much as the subject matter being taught.

However, in an more and more globalized workplace, live online lessons are becoming an increasingly obvious choice for any professional development program.

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Compare contrast essay online education

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