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However, if you are telling a story, then tell the damn story! If your character curses, then curse. If your character is an academic, have them speak in an academic voice. Use the language as a tool to make your point, but do not allow the point to be blunted by blind adherence to an arbitrary set of rules that could care less about anything but their own self-indulgent whims.

Not surprisingly, it shows in the post and the comments. Most of the naysayers — including the writer of this blog post — have made some pretty nescient and narrow minded comments on the subject. I totally agree! Sorry about that. What a great post! I happen to be an English teacher. Thank God I never taught my HS and college kids any of your seven bad writing habits. Or none of them would have learned anything about writing. I laughed so hard when I read this, I could hardly concentrate on the rest of the article.

Very good advice, Jon. I even write in the 1st person. This article is not entirely wrong in its details, but it is wrong in its assumptions about what English teachers let alone English professors value in writing. To take one example, no one want students to fill their writing with sources to conceal their own thoughts.

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On the contrary, students use sources for a number of reasons, sometimes as evidence to support their ideas, sometimes as a way of contextualizing an argument or entering an on-going conversation about something. The author, if serious, either had bad teachers or no idea what they were trying to teach. Either is, unfortunately, quite possible. I have to strongly object on Point 5.

2. Good and Bad Habits Essay

Footnotes and links in blog posts are not distracting that much from the content as citation in brackets is blabla, At least here in Germany its commonly used. And I am looking for different things in all these genres.

5 Bad Habits You Must Eliminate From Your Daily Routine

And then work the contrast and put on the show for the readers. While keeping the main ideas clear and easy to follow. I love this post! I am no longer teaching but am now in a position where I do more writing. Thanks for giving me a little confidence! LOVE posts that generate this much response! English teachers are a weird bunch I ought to know, I am one. Out of all that chaos, I managed to find a style and a voice, and I know how to adapt it to different needs. The real point here is to not emphasize only one right way to write. Writing instruction, method, and style vary as much as the responses to this post!

Writing as a skill, writing to communicate, and writing to learn as an academic activity are not the same. Perhaps these distinctions are at the heart of the disagreements voiced here. Quality writing instruction also tends to train you to write for different purposes.

Materialization for Habit Formation

Sometimes a formal style is appropriate and sometimes a formal style is not. Unfortunately, some of their students also became English teachers. Furthermore, these assignments often deprive the student of the ability to reach targeted audiences with his or her writing.

Fortunately, my experience with university professors has been much different. I have completed restrictive assignments, but the majority of writing I have done has granted me a high level of flexibility in regard to the topic and direction of my writing.

1. Good and Bad Habits Essay

In addition, several of my pieces have been written to address a public audience, and one I am currently working on is being written with the intent to publish. This not only allows me to be innovative with the approach that I take on my topic, but it provides me with incentive to focus on my content and how its presented.

Oh, can I relate to this! Trying to overcome the tone and level that is suited only for academia has not been easy to overcome. Maybe part of my problem is that I love the classics! I appreciate those that show us what good writing should look like and read like. I though that I needed to sound smarter than my classmates and then colleagues. All that came of the sentiment, though, was that my writing was aloof and unapproachable.

When I put my ego aside, I get a much more positive response from readers and find that I even enjoy re-reading some of my old writing now and then. Other than creative writing, there is no legitimate reason to dismiss basic grammar concepts, especially when the writer is attempting to provide a logical argument. Just reading this blog post, which I did find interesting, is a good example of this issue. After seeing numerous grammar problems throughout this post one in the very first sentence , it immediately puts into question the content provided.

As a bilingual person who learned English from school, I tend to write academic-sounding English.

The Top 50 Bad Habits We Wish We Could Stop

Been practicing to be more natural in writing. I have been reading this blog as a silent reader before.

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But when I read article above I feel like I want to say something. Because I write what I feel, I write what I think. As a conclusion, evryone can influence me but nobody can control me.

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  8. My life, my rules and my writing. This post is spot-on and should be required reading for ELA teachers. Glad I found you, now off to add you to my feeds. Awesome post, Jon. I think there is a huge load of difference between academic writing compo writing!?! Unfortunately for most of us, we never had a chance to be graded for writing to persuade — what might be the most important skill when you are in business!

    It would seem that Business and Academic writing must both communicate and persuade to be effective….

    Most of us have been reading boring books for years. That would reflect badly on us. Blog voice non-corporate blogs is about the same as writing dialogue.

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    People want a blog to read like a friend is talking to them about some interesting thing or another. However, there are people who like short, sweet and uncomplicated posts and people who prefer something a little more substantial and eloquent. The voice, however, is its own and will probably be looked at as such in composition classes eventually.

    Those that are going to really write do so because they have it in them.

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