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These are only a few of the hundreds of unhealthy things that can happen to you when you are on steroid NIDA 4. Many people, medical experts and athletes alike, feel steroids should be legalized. They feel that the use of steroids a few times and in moderation is acceptable. They state that the unhealthy aspect of steroids comes from abuse of the drug. Some people can use steroids and have no effects at all Street 2.

However, the fact remains, that in long-term usage, steroids are still bad for your body. Many people against steroid use feel that the use of steroids constitutes cheating. A Canadian track star name Ben Johnson was denied a gold medal at the Olympics after he tested positive for steroids. This became a big issue in the world of sports and started the big debate over the steroid issue.

Others believe that sports already has enough advantages and disadvantages so why not allow steroids? Many athletes can afford expensive trainers and work-out regimens made especially for them. The people who use steroids are only cheating in sports and cheating their body of its health, as well. Americans, themselves, are just lazy people and instead of working hard to get stronger, they would rather take the short route by using muscle and strength enhancing drugs. When we look at the reasons athletes insist on using these harmful drugs one can only blame the competitive nature of our society.

It appears to begin way back in early childhood when kids start to get involved in sports. Dads who push their children to excel in sports are only asking for trouble in the future. As kids grow up, they never want to disappoint their parents or themselves.

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It is said that kids as young as 10 years old are using steroids to do better in sports. Winning and being the best is what many people feel sports is all about.

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Winning and being the best bring recognition. Recognition brings money.

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Money brings power. The U.

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The violation of these laws is classified as a felony Yesalis All of the major sports federations have banned steroids and other drugs closely related to steroids. But athletes continue to take the risks and break the rules in order excel in their sport, which in some cases is their job, their livelihood. Athletes who are using drugs are often skeptical of the medical field.

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This may be partly with good reason, as many health care professionals are unfamiliar with the mentality of athletes or common drug abuse patterns in this population. Accordingly, referral networks or team assistance programs consisting of health care professionals familiar with these issues should be established for athletes and teams. Research should examine differences in treatment approaches that may be needed for athletes who have been using drugs for a shorter versus longer period of time. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Subst Abuse Rehabil v.

Subst Abuse Rehabil. Published online Aug Claudia L Reardon and Shane Creado. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Drug abuse occurs in all sports and at most levels of competition. Keywords: doping, athletes, steroids, drug abuse, mental illness.

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  4. Introduction Doping, defined as use of drugs or other substances for performance enhancement, has become an important topic in virtually every sport 1 and has been discovered in athletes of all ages and at every level of competition. Open in a separate window. History of doping in athletes The belief that doping is only a recent phenomenon that has arisen solely from increasing financial rewards offered to modern day elite athletes is incorrect.

    Performance-enhancing effects of substances used by athletes There is a research base demonstrating that many doping agents are in fact performance-enhancing. Androgens Androgens include exogenous testosterone, synthetic androgens eg, danazol, nandrolone, stanozolol , androgen precursors eg, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone , selective androgen receptor modulators, and other forms of androgen stimulation. Stimulants Stimulants include amphetamine, D-methamphetamine, methylphenidate, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, caffeine, dimethylamylamine, cocaine, fenfluramine, pemoline, selegiline, sibutramine, strychnine, and modafinil.

    Nutritional supplements Nutritional supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, extracts, and metabolites. Methods to increase oxygen transport Substances athletes use to increase oxygen transport include blood transfusions, erythropoiesis-stimulating agents such as recombinant human erythropoietin and darbepoetin alfa, hypoxia mimetics that stimulate endogenous erythropoietin production such as desferrioxamine and cobalt, and artificial oxygen carriers.

    Other recreational drugs Other recreational drugs that may be used in an attempt to enhance performance include alcohol, cannabinoids, narcotics, and nicotine. Beta agonists There is debate as to whether beta-2 adrenergic agonists, for example, albuterol, formoterol, and salmeterol, are ergogenic.

    Drug abuse in athletes

    Beta blockers Beta blockers such as propranolol result in a decreased heart rate, reduction in hand tremor, and anxiolysis. Other prescription drugs Diuretics and other masking agents may be used as doping agents. Nondrug performance-enhancing measures Gene doping is a concerning potential method of nondrug performance enhancement and is banned by WADA. Anti-doping organizations, drug testing in athletes, and rules Drug testing typically occurs only in organized, competitive sports.

    Treatment of affected athletes, including counseling and psychiatric support The first level of addressing the problem of drug abuse by athletes is prevention. Conclusion and suggestions Drug abuse in athletes is a significant problem that has many potential underlying causes. Suggestions for those undertaking research and clinical work with athletes include: If providers become aware of an athlete using PEDs, they should educate the athlete about the potential risks of continued use, regardless of any evidence that suggests this may not be influential for all athletes.

    Table 3 Common signs and symptoms of substances relatively commonly used by athletes. Substance Common signs and symptoms of use Alcohol Sedation, decreased concentration and coordination, disinhibition, slurred speech, vomiting Anabolic steroids Acne, rapid muscle gain, irritability, gynecomastia and hair loss in males, deepening of voice and facial hair in females, visible injection sites and cysts Cannabinoids Bloodshot eyes, increased appetite, slowed responses, cough, lack of motivation, paranoia Opiates Constricted pupils, sedation, slowed responses, slurred speech, constipation Stimulants Dilated pupils, anxiety, jitteriness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, loss of appetite, tics.

    Footnotes Disclosure The authors report no conflicts of interest in this work. References 1.

    Doping in sports and its spread to at-risk populations: an international review. World Psychiatry. Performance-enhancing drugs, fair competition, and Olympic sport. Performance-enhancing drugs snare nonathletes, too. J Fam Pract. Creatine use among young athletes. Self-admitted behavior and perceived use of performance-enhancing vs psychoactive drugs among competitive athletes. Scand J Med Sci Sports.

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    College students and adults ages 19— NCAA study of substance abuse habits of college student-athletes. Clin J Sports Med. J Athl Train. Drug Alcohol Depend.

    persuasive essay about steroids Persuasive essay about steroids
    persuasive essay about steroids Persuasive essay about steroids
    persuasive essay about steroids Persuasive essay about steroids
    persuasive essay about steroids Persuasive essay about steroids
    persuasive essay about steroids Persuasive essay about steroids

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