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Plot and Literary Style Must Interact in an Effective Way

The first, the regime of the doctor, is democratic but inefficient. The internees must work things out among themselves. The second, the regime of the man with the gun, is efficient but totalitarian. This leads immediately into corruption and ruin. The novel clearly portrays the democratic regime in a more favorable light. What is the importance of the fact that the writer who is living in the first blind man's house keeps writing, even after he is sure no one can read what he has done?

The writer who lives in the first blind man's house keeps writing even though no one can read his work. This is important for two reasons. The first is that the act of writing helps him to remember who he is. The second is that he wants to record what is going on -- perhaps not so that someone can read it, but so that he can hold on to the hope that someone will read it. Why do you think that the doctor's wife is the protagonist as opposed to some other member in the group? The fact that the doctor's wife is the protagonist is an implicit reversal of power positions between husband and wife.

In the sighted world, and in their first experiences in the ward, he is the undisputed power holder. Soon enough, though, the wife becomes the more central and shows how contingent the apparent strength of men is. Why do you think that this novel utilizes an epidemic of blindness instead of some other epidemic?

The epidemic of blindness is an interesting thought experiment because it does not kill, it merely cripples. This means that it is something that changes mankind in a fundamental, yet non-fatal way. In doing this, the novel is able to bring out many themes of human interaction without having the group face eminent death from the disease itself.

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What is the importance of the fact that the name of the city or country is never mentioned in the novel? Conditions degenerate further as an armed clique gains control over food deliveries, subjugating their fellow internees and exposing them to rape and deprivation. Faced with starvation, internees battle each other and burn down the asylum, only to discover that the army has abandoned the asylum, after which the protagonists join the throngs of nearly helpless blind people outside who wander the devastated city and fight one another to survive.

The breakdown of society is near total.

Law and order, social services, government, schools, etc. Families have been separated and cannot find each other. People squat in abandoned buildings and scrounge for food. Violence, disease, and despair threaten to overwhelm human coping. The doctor's wife is the only character in the entire novel who does not lose her sight.

Blindness by Jose Saramago

This phenomenon remains unexplained in the novel. Unwilling to leave her husband to be interned, she lies to the doctors and claims to be blind. At this point she is interned with the rest of the afflicted. Once inside, she attempts to help the compound organize, but she is increasingly unable to hold back the animality of the compound.

When one ward begins withholding food and demanding that the women of other wards submit to being raped in return for food, she kills the leader of their ward.

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Once they escape the compound, she helps her group survive in the city. The doctor's wife is the de facto leader of their small group, although in the end she often serves their disabled needs. The doctor is an ophthalmologist stricken blind after treating a patient with what will come to be called "the white sickness". He is among the first to be quarantined along with his wife. Due to his medical expertise he has a certain authority among those quarantined. Much of this really comes from his wife not having gone blind; she is able to see what is going on on the ward and relay this to her husband.

When the group from his ward finally escapes they end up travelling to and staying in the doctor and his wife's apartment. Several of the other main characters had been visiting the doctor's office when the epidemic begins to spread. The girl with the dark glasses is a former part-time prostitute who is struck blind while with a customer. She is unceremoniously removed from the hotel and taken to the quarantine.

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Once inside, she joins the small group of people who were contaminated at the doctor's office. When the car thief gropes her on the way to the lavatory, she kicks him — giving him a wound from which he will eventually die.

While inside, she also takes care of the boy with the squint, whose mother is nowhere to be found. At the end of the story, she and the old man with the black eye patch become lovers. The old man with the black eye patch is the last person to join the first ward. He brings with him a portable transistor radio that allows the internees to listen to the news. He is also the main architect of the failed attack on the ward of hoodlums hoarding the food rations. Once the group escapes the quarantine, the old man becomes the lover of the girl with the dark glasses.

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  7. The dog of tears is a dog that joins the small group of blind when they leave the quarantine. While he is mostly loyal to the doctor's wife, he helps the whole group by protecting them all from packs of dogs who are becoming more feral by the day. The mental refuge, though non against an ocean, besides filled with human body waste because the internees had given up turn uping the public toilets after a few yearss, fall backing to stooling on the floor or on their beds. Same as last sentence?

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    6. One could be sent to these prisons, the most ill-famed being Tarrafal on the Cape Verde Islands, for being a dissenter and for knocking the Lusitanian authorities, frequently without physical grounds. Another captive recalls that the lone physician in Taraffal neglected captives and allowed them to decease in the insanitary conditions of the prison Frier. Although these captives try to near their suppliers without arousing onslaught, their sightlessness prevents them from cognizing whether they will be shot for doing a incorrect move.

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      Geting the day-to-day rations most frequently ends in force or verbal maltreatment from the armed forces. Saramago was extremely mistrusting of the Salazar government and authorities, so he joined the Portuguese Communist Party in He lost his occupation from the latter in after the new anti-Communist authorities had come into power. With no hopes of happening another journalistic place, he turned to composing literature and developed his alone authorship, dwelling of really small punctuation and duologue within narrative.

      His ulterior novels became much more successful, though he met much resistance from both the Catholic Church and the Lusitanian authorities because of Communistic and anti-religious undertones.

      Blindness By Jose Saramago: Self-Involved People Are Blind

      Baltazar and Bilmunda criticized the function of Catholicism in 18th-century Portugal. Because the authorities was really much influenced by the Church, it did non let this novel to be presented for the European Literary Prize. Later on, Saramago moved to the Canary Islands with his 2nd married woman, Pilar del Rio, because the support he received inspired him to compose even more. There, he wrote his two most celebrated novels, Blindness and All the Names The unusual change of the images and the guess that a priest may be behind them suggests that, merely as the universe has been struck blind, so excessively has the Church.

      God and the saints no longer listen to the supplications of the victims. Naturally, those who in the church are offended from hearing the mere suggestion that their religion could non bring around them.

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