Problem solution essay model

Problem Solution Essay

When selecting one of the possible variants, consider specific factors, such as, for example, the number of issues. Deciding to specify many problems in your paper, it is better to choose the chain structure to help your readers understand the right answer for a certain problematic issue.

Here are typical steps for writing such type of the paper: Characterize the problem you were asked to write about; Persuade the audience the issue needs addressing; Explain the suggested solution; Provide reliable arguments that this is the ideal solution; Deny any possible objections. Before writing the problem solution essay, think over these three important steps: Determine the group you belong to and the matters, which this very group may have. Possible groups are the following: common interest groups, school, sports teams, some special community, and people groups.

Put down a small list of problematic issues the members of your group can possess. Do not start to think about some huge problems, but try to choose something you are ready to provide supporting statements about and convince the others of possible solutions offered for it. You have found the topic you want, and now you can start describing it. How to Write a Problem Solution Essay — Advice and Writing Solutions The most useful tips for writing the problem solution assignment: Your style and tone are essential in this kind of essay.

Make them as convincing as possible adding the hints of confidence, logic, and appeal. You remember that your paramount task is to persuade, so your point of view should be the first and considerably effective in comparison with others. You can apply both the first and the third persons.

Appreciate the response of the potential audience as it is vital in this essay. You have to reach the one who is ready to implement your solution. Think about the method that will improve the convincing process of the reader who is able to take some measures for the sake of results.

Problem Solution Essay Structure Further, we are going to delve into the problem solution essay structure to keep to the traditional rules and make your writing perfect for submission. Problem Solution Essay Format and How to Work with It It is essential to prepare several blocks for each of the indicated parts belonging to the problem solution essay format. If you find it challenging, look through the offered list of ideas: How to stop the bullying online, especially when it comes to social networks?

When you come to brainstorm your solutions, think of the key 'actors' who are involved.

It is usually governments and individuals in some way or another. There may be another group specifically realted to the topic. For example, in this case it is companies and parents. If you are discussing crime it could be the police.

Problem and Solution Sample Essay

If it is violence on TV it could be TV and film producers. Also, try to make sure your solutions are not too simplistic. It's all too easy to make sweeping generalizations about what people can do. For example, look at this idea:. Give more detail about how or why this would work.

Problem solution essays

For example:. Modal verbs can be used to make suggestions in problem solution essays. These are usually found in solutions paragraphs. Check out this grammar lesson if you are unsure how to use modal verbs. Here is the paragraph again. Note how it follows the plan and the clear topic sentence that tells the reader the essay is moving on to discuss solutions modals verbs are underlined :. Governments should ensure that adequate legislation and controls are in place that will prevent young people from accessing dangerous sites , such as requiring more than simply confirming that you are an adult to view a site.

They need to closely monitor the activities of their children and restrict their access to certain sites , which can now be done through various computer programs. I know that's not academic language, but it's the truth! View the eBooks.

Fighting Poverty

The local council is planning to close a football ground down near you because it is in disrepair. You and other residents disagree with this and want. Read More. They are called Block and Chain structure. Prepare the readers for your essay. Tell them about the backgrounds of the issue you are talking about and the context of the problem. As we have already discussed, the problem has to be delivered to the readers so that they get to understand its importance and become interested in the ways of its solution.

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This is a necessary part of every essay, in order to avoid the sort of, chopped delivery, where the suggestion of solutions goes right after the description of the problem. This is why there are one or two transitional sentences that softly take the reader from the problem to solution. As mentioned, the possible solutions to the problem have to be delivered as clearly as possible. It is also important to write about all the possible disadvantages of your solution, how to avoid or to solve them. The conclusion of any essay, especially the problem solution one, has to be a clear reflection of the introduction.

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To make sure you understood all the aspects of creating the problem solution essay, take a look at the examples of the problem solution essays. It is absolutely not hard to find lots of them online. Just try to find the essay on the topic you understand very well so that you could clearly see all the peculiarities we were talking about. If you struggle with finding the topic for your problem solution essay.

We suggest 15 options for you to choose from:. The problem solution essay is the specific kind of writing, which requires the accurate following of the structure. The best way to do it is to create a plan before you start writing so that you could create an image of how your essay is going to look like, what aspects it is going to involve and also to make sure the problem and solution essay is strongly bonded.

It is especially important if you plan to have more than one solution to the problem. Sometimes, we can miss some mistakes. We sincerely hope that our writing tips for the problem solution essay here helpful for you.

Fighting Poverty: A Problem Solution Essay Example

It can be a good idea to search for the problem solution essay examples to make sure you will nail it. September 17, This is only a sample. To get an original paper click here Order View. Order paper now and discard all doubts and worries Order now.

problem solution essay model Problem solution essay model
problem solution essay model Problem solution essay model
problem solution essay model Problem solution essay model
problem solution essay model Problem solution essay model
problem solution essay model Problem solution essay model
problem solution essay model Problem solution essay model

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