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If you are interested, please contact Eelco Herder: eelcoherder cs. There are possibilities for a Master thesis looking into security and privacy issues of use case and realisation.

Master Program INFOTECH | University of Stuttgart

The company Planon in Nijmegen is looking for a Master thesis student to look into security, privacy and certification ISO issues surrounding cloud usage of its clients, to understand implications of moving some of Planon's solutions to the cloud. What is the impact of legislation such as the Patriot Act? Contact Lejla Batina or Rinus Plasmeijer. Info Support is located in various cities and is very interested in Master students of Information Sciences.

The working language is Dutch, but English is often possible too. For more information, contact Nikki Thissen nikki infosupport. Challenges of interoperability in health care settings: implications for organizational change and design.

More information about this project can be downloaded via this link. Eelco Herder's research interests focus on the fine balance between the benefits of personalization and perceived and actual risks associated with privacy matters. Research topics include user awareness on privacy matters in social media, user responses to potential privacy breaches, and privacy-aware personalization. Eelco is happy to discuss research projects on one of these topics. Contact him at eelcoherder cs. More information can be found on his personal website: www.

People at Centerdata working on the LISS panel data are concerned about the identifiability of respondents on the basis of the collected data responses to questionnaires and what they could do detect and prevent this.

A more practical and technical question is if the name and address information that they have hidden on their system might be hacked. Erik Poll erikpoll cs. Ronald Leenes of Tilburg University. Perform a requirement analysis for the so-called Smart digital electricity meters being introduced across the country.

Why are these needed, and by whom? The following topics are suggestions for a Master Thesis project in the area for sociotechnical systems design:. When the organizational structure is redesigned the set of tasks for each job, and for each department will change, and so the information needed to do the job is changed too. Upon implementation of an ERP-system it is tailored to the need of the then existing jobs and structure.

So, after a redesign of the structure it needs to be 'retaylored' to the new jobs. This entails a lot of work, close to the amount of work of a new implementation, which may make the total effort of restructuring plus ERP-re-implementation too costly. The research question can be to investigate the changeability of current ERP-systems. Various approaches with names like 'enterprise architecture' or 'enterprise engineering', seem to have developed from an ICT-focus to a more encompassing business-focus.

Master's Thesis

In their design-methodology these approaches seem to incorporate not only the design of the ICT-systems like network, platform, hard- and software, but also the design of the organizational structure. However, when the Lowlands sociotechnical systems design L-STSD view on structure is used, it seems that 'enterprise engineering' takes the production structure for granted, and is only optimizing the information processing capacity serving the control structure. A simplification of the production structure using L-STSD reduces the need for coordination, and hence for information processing considerably.

The degree to which several IT-architecture approaches are ignoring this opportunity for reduction of complexity may differ, and it is useful to investigate some of these approaches to find out about this. Such a study may lead to enhancing IT-architecture with a production structure view. Luxembourg is a prosperous and dynamic country at the heart of Europe.

Some of you may know Luxembourg as the "1st stop" on a holiday to the south of France. If only because of the low petrol prices. However, there is much, much more, going on in Luxembourg than you might expect. Luxembourg is the home to many European agencies. It is no coincidence that the "Schengen Convention" is named after a town in Luxembourg near the border with Germany and France.

Master’s thesis collaboration

Furthermore, even though it is a small nation with a population that is about two-thirds of the population of the city of Amsterdam, it has a strong and highly innovative economy. Its relative small size actually enables it to act in an agile way.

As a result, Luxembourg has a strong and innovative logistics sector, has an equally active and competitive financial sector, is a world leader in satellite communication and satellite TV it is the L in RTL The latter also includes strategic investments in a national HPC and data analytics infrastructure, at the hearth of a strategic EU project on big data analytics. The Netherlands generally prides itself as being a country of "no word, but deeds" geen woorden maar daden.

Where, in the Netherlands, such intentions still find themselves getting stuck in a swamp of well-willing words, the compactness of Luxembourg allows it to indeed deliver "deeds beyond the words". Research is certainly seen as a key pillar to boost economic activities. In line with these "words", the Luxembourg nation invests a lot of money into applied research, particularly in the field of Business Informatics A domain that is known in the Netherlands as "Informatiekunde". Some indicative topics include:.

Writing Your Thesis and Looking for 2018 Dissertation Topics?

Contact Prof. Proper for more information: e. Hieronder twee mogelijke onderwerpen alleen open voor studenten die LiC met goed gevolg hebben afgerond. Vanwege mijn parttime aanstelling graag altijd een tweede - technische, of informatiekundige - begeleider waarmee ik niet doel op de tweede lezer die pas aan het eind van het traject meeleest :. Blackboard provides proprietary software for higher education institutions. We may expect that much of the data it collects will be used to train algorithms for learning analytics.

If a high risk is expected for fundamental rights and freedoms, due to the processing of personal data, a Data Protection Impact Assessment must be conducted, and tools for Data Protection by Default and Design must be implemented to mitigate these risks. Choose an application that is part of the Internet of Things, check existing templates for DPIAs and develop a template that is tuned to test the potential risks of the application in terms of infringements of data protection legislation.

I'm happy to supervise any students wishing to graduate in the area of privacy, identity management, applied cryptography. I maintain a separate page with student guides.

Watch if you dare - Explaining my Master's Thesis in Mechanical Engineering

Please contact me to discuss a suitable project. External projects are certainly a possibility. The following list of project summaries give you an idea of the kind of assignments that are currently open. UbiKiMa is a ubiquitous key management app for Android. It is a password manager for existing websites, but also allows public key based authentication on websites that support it.

The app is still a rough prototype, that could be polished considerably. Also the underlying protocols could do with an analysis and probably some improvements. I am looking for a student that can do all of this Out group has implemented Idemix credentials on smart cards in the Irma project.

We are developing a new cryptographic scheme for such attribute based credentials that promise to be much more efficient while being also much more secure. The goal of this assignment is to implement the proposed scheme and analyse it. Think of ways how you can use a mobile device to protect your privacy The existing research on mixed-criticality real-time systems assumes that all the tasks are independent from each other, which rarely holds in realistic systems. The goal of this thesis is to study the design and analysis of resource sharing protocols for mixed-criticality real-time systems, especially the ones that are deployed on multi-core platforms.

Contact: Nan Guan.

Multicore architectures offer a great computing power on a single hardware platform to host multiple applications, which may be of different criticality levels. We call such systems mixed-criticality systems. For example, consider a design of a mixed-criticality UAV control system on a dual-core processor, in which one core hosts the flight control application, while another core hosts the sensing data processing application. A key requirement in this design is, the system designer need to analyze the timing behavior of the flight control application in the presence of the interference from the other application.

The challenge is that modern multi-core architectures typically employ many fine-grained shared resources among different cores, like shared cache, shared bus, shared memory interface and so on, which are usually accessed in a rather random or speculative way to reduce the hardware implementation cost and improve the average-case throughput.

So the interference analysis on these shared resources is extremely difficult. In this project, we aim to design and implement flexible performance isolation mechanisms on COTS commercial off-the-shelf multi-core processors, to address the above challenges. The main idea is to utilize the build-in hardware support of the COTS processors to regulate the access to the shared resources from each core, in order to greatly simplify the timing analysis for mixed-criticality systems.

PowerPC , as well as investigate the modeling and analysis techniques of the system timing behavior in the presence of the performance isolation mechanisms. Virtualization has been a major factor in the general computing domain for decades. The hypervisor layer is becoming a default option in the software system architecture, especially for multi-core systems.

Several open-source hypervisors like Xen and KVM have received rapidly increasing attention in both academia research and industry. Recently, there has been a significant demand of supporting real-time systems in virtualized environments, as system integration becomes an increasingly important challenge for complex real-time systems.

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Master thesis in information

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