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However, two new studies describe devices that help surgeons and nonsurgical physicians better understand the outline and location of cancerous tissue in the brain, potentially improving outcomes for patients. Read more at the HealthCast. Low-grade gliomas LGGs , which are often mislabeled as benign tumors, can cause significant morbidity and sometimes even death, particularly in the case of midline tumors that are not amenable to gross surgical resection.

Read more at the Journal for Clincal Oncology Read more at HealthCanal. Read more at MedicalXpress. Read more in the journal article at McGill. The standard treatment of metastatic epidural spinal cord compression MESCC in a symptomatic patient with good performance status, histology that is not exquisitely radiosensitive lymphoma, small cell, myeloma and germinoma , and a single level of compression, is surgical decompression followed by external beam radiotherapy EBRT. Read more at FutureMedicine. Scientists looked at biopsies from the relapsed tumours of 29 patients.

Brain Cancer Research Changing Lives: UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program

They found a range of changes that only appeared when the disease returned and were responsible for the cancer becoming more aggressive. Read more at Science Daily. Neurosurgeons Raise Concerns Headache is sometimes the only symptom of brain tumours, says report in Neurosurgery. Read more at NewsWise. Read more on the Rochester University website An international team of researchers have found a genetic link associated with hereditary brain tumors called familial glioma.

Read more at MedicalDaily. Read more at Smithsonian. Chemistry professor Christopher Cairo and his team synthesized a compound that inhibits the enzyme neuraminidase four NEU4. Read more in the Edmonton Journal. Read more at Health Canal. It also reviews the technical aspects and cost—effectiveness of SRS.

Brain Cancer Research - National Cancer Institute

Read more at Informa Healthcare. Read more at Springer Link. Read more at NCBI. In recent years, we have accumulated unprecedented data about the genetic and epigenetic abnormalities in gliomas; yet, our appreciation of how these deadly tumors arise is still rudimentary. Additionally, the mutation to the newly identified gene may also contribute to the tumor's resistance to radiation.

Read more at Oncology Nurse Advisor. Targeted therapies have revolutionised the treatment of cancer since they were first introduced. Read more at Medical Xpress. June Longer Telomeres, Considered Sign of Good Health, Linked to Brain Cancer Risk Research conducted by Mayo Clinic investigators has found that two common gene variants that lead to longer telomeres — the caps on chromosome ends thought by many scientists to confer health by protecting cells from aging — also significantly increase the risk of developing gliomas, a deadly form of brain cancer.

Some forms of cancer, such as pancreatic and brain cancers, are especially hard to treat with conventional technologies. Nuvilex, a biotechnology corporation based in Maryland, is looking to change that. Read more at Medical Jane. June Synthetic small molecule may help chemo get into brain In a new study on mice, researchers show it is possible to deliver drugs to fight cancer and other diseases into the brain via the bloodstream using a small molecule to carry them.

Read more at Medical News Today. The results of the study showed the treatment was safe and effective - most study participants lived much longer than the median survival of less than six months for patients with recurrent GBM. Read more at Life Scientist. But with either therapy, gliomas almost always progress and become more aggressive.

Now, new research has shown that radiation therapy followed by a certain kind of chemotherapy improved progression-free survival PFS and life-expectancy in adults with low-grade gliomas, when compared to only radiation therapy. Read more at Medical Daily. This discovery may aid in the development of therapeutic options to treat this cancer. The results of this successful Phase I clinical trial study were published in the journal Cancer Research. Read more at Liberty Voice. Read more at News Wise. May New brain cancer treatment targets tumor hypoxia to make radiation therapy work better Omniox, Inc.

Read more at MedCity. Read more at UAB News.

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Read more at Pharmatimes. Read more at Biz Journals. Nausea-inducing chemotherapy can prolong life by a few months, but there's another gentler though funnier-looking treatment: a cap that literally zaps the tumor away.

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Read more at Gizmodo. May Human fat may be a Trojan horse in the fight against brain cancer Stem cells derived from human body fat have been successfully used to deliver biologic treatments directly to the brains of mice with the most common and aggressive form of brain tumor, significantly extending their lives. One project the Team Jack Foundation is especially excited about is a research prototype they hope will be a game changer for kids who are battling pediatric brain cancer.

Read more at Now.

Brain tumors: Special characters for research and banking

May New vaccine, new hope in attacking brain tumors Vancouver woman participates in first phase of trials for treatment that uses the body's immune system. Read more at The Columbian. Researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute HSCI at Massachusetts General Hospital found that by trapping herpes-loaded stem cells in a gel and applying them to tumors, they were able to significantly improve the survival rate of mice with glioblastoma multiforme brain tumors. May SapC-DOPS Technology May Help With Imaging Brain Tumors Brain tumors are an extremely serious example of this and are not only difficult to treat—both adult and pediatric patients have a five-year survival rate of only 30 percent—but also have even been difficult to image, which could provide important information for deciding next steps in the treatment process.

Read more at Red Orbit. May Herpes-loaded stem cells used to kill brain tumors Harvard Stem Cell Institute HSCI scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have a potential solution for how to more effectively kill tumor cells using cancer-killing viruses. The investigators report that trapping virus-loaded stem cells in a gel and applying them to tumors significantly improved survival in mice with glioblastoma multiforme, the most common brain tumor in human adults and also the most difficult to treat.

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  7. Read more at InTheCapital. The results come from a preclinical study that utilized Big Data analysis, the results of which could revolutionize the treatment of cancer. Read more at Equities. May Henry Ford researchers identify genetic factors that may aid survival from brain cancer A Henry Ford Hospital research team has identified specific genes that may lead to improved survival of glioblastoma, the most common and deadly form of cancerous brain tumor. The molecular data is expected to aid further research into genes that either help or impede the survival of patients diagnosed with the tumor, which can invade and rapidly grow in any part of the human brain.

    Read more at Eureka Alert. This is a harsh reality for the 30 children in Canada who are diagnosed each year with a rare paediatric cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma DIPG. The failure of most therapies for this cancer can be attributed to the delicate location of the tumours and the assumption that DIPGs are similar to a type of adult brain cancer, glioblastomas.

    The only details that you have are that it needs to be on brain tumors. It is website that is for the American Society of Clinical Oncology. On their website, they explain brain cancer, what some of the types are, what treatments are available, and basic information that a patient and their families need to know. By being able to understand the different types of cancer and treatments, it can help a person be knowledgeable in the area of treatments and be able to explain in simple terms what it means for the patient.

    They are sharing information about a possible new treatment that could be available soon for those that are suffering from tumors that are not responsive to chemotherapy and radiation. If the writer is writing a paper on possible treatments and cures that have been discovered in the last five years, then this would be a site to look at.

    It explains about the animal testing they have been doing and what the results have been like so far and their predictions for the future.

    Tackling Tumors That Always Come Back: New Brain Cancer Research Could Improve Outcomes

    It is a great resource when trying to find information out about the types of cancer as well as who it affects, possible signs, where to get treatment, and types of treatment. If the writer has decided to possibly do it on children and how cancer affects them, particularly brain tumors, then this would be a great place to start. By keeping up on the latest research in cancer treatments as well as what new ones they have discovered, it keeps the writer knowledgeable, which in turn means the more articles they can write on the subject.

    In this case, if they decide to do it on childhood cancer, they can get the latest developments in the research and write a better research paper. Children's of Alabama using cold sore virus to fight pediatric brain cancer Children's of Alabama is home to one of the most exciting studies underway in pediatric cancer: evaluating the use of a cold sore virus to treat children with progressive malignant brain tumors.

    Term paper on brain cancer
    Term paper on brain cancer
    Term paper on brain cancer
    Term paper on brain cancer
    Term paper on brain cancer
    Term paper on brain cancer
    Term paper on brain cancer

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