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Slowly my dad began assuming more of the child-rearing responsibilities, and he was great at it. My little life was doing great, until we moved. At fourteen, I decided I might be depressed. Despite the fantastic fights and the hysterical crying, I still loved my mother. Grandmother Jane committed suicide before I was born by walking out in front of a bus. Mom named me after her mom, and it became perfectly clear over time that the death of either me or my sister would be catastrophic to her, moreso if it were a suicide. I asked to see a therapist, who asked me how often I thought about death.

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My father was in the room with us, and when I answered seventy to eighty percent of the time, he told me that was impossible. That was the last time I admitted that I might be depressed to anybody. On the whole, the remainder of my adolescence was uneventful. Again, nothing to complain about. The cutting began sometime in my junior year of high school. It started with scratching. When I went to meetings about college or preparing for the future, I would get afraid. Many of my friends who cut had it much worse than I; by now I was an NHS student, a student leader in the gifted and talented club, and a star pupil.

The addition of a boyfriend just before my senior year pretty much stopped the scratching. I left for college as my mother and my sister entered therapy for depression and ADHD respectively. I had a scare when my grandmother threw a clot my sophomore year at college. I stayed with a HA and threw out both my scissors to keep from hurting myself. It was also about this time that I got tested for and began an informal regimen of Adderall; when I get stressed or panicked I cannot think, intrusive thoughts about other things, song lyrics, and old prayers drown out anything I try to put together.

I only took Adderall when I was seriously stressed, like the last two days of final week. My mother and sister were changing too: my mom got better every time I talked to her as my younger sister seemed to be backsliding. Germany was fine, and the domestic half of my junior year was doable too even when my sister ran away and my boyfriend dumped me by not calling.

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I spent the summer volunteering in lab, working in the library and serving as a HA for a group of high school girls studying science on campus. The very last day I worked with the girls, I got a call from my best friend Elizabeth. When she called me in tears, I sort of just knew what was happening.

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I flew down to see her as soon as I could, ready to help in any capacity. I knew I was going to be hurt by watching my friend hurt and not be able to do anything about it. The worst shock was how quickly thereafter life went on without him. Nothing changed, and more importantly, I had no reason to be upset. I began losing hair at this point, but assumed it was stress that would go away once the year began and I had things underway.

Then my hair began falling out again. I thought I might be depressed, or stressed, but it was an intellectual quandary with no visceral backing. I spoke to therapists, but left the room showered in mutual laughter. Halloween I felt ill and elected not to go out; parties make me nervous anyway. I would give my college degree to take back that thought. Her heart did that. I have been gradually increasing my Adderall dosage, trying to coax a coherent thought from the quagmire of self-loathing a doubt. It seems, given my grades, that all this has done is increase my startle and drop my weight to levels which disturb my friends.

When I got back to my room, there was something else sinister in my head. I spent the night in the Health Center because I was too afraid to go to the ER: my mother would find out, and I already have enough difficulty trying to get health insurance due to a series of abnormal pap smears so add impending fear of developing cervical cancer to all of this. So, I recognize that I have a problem, or I may. Stress during medical school can lead to problems later in professional life compromising patient care.

Studies suggest that medical students experience a high incidence of stress with potential adverse consequences on academic performance, competency, professionalism and health. Medical students experience substantial stress from the beginning of the training process. Students use various coping mechanisms to process stress that vary by year in training and source of stress.

The specific coping strategies that students use may determine the effect of stress on psychological and physical health and may determine whether stress has a positive or negative influence.

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Strategies that centre on disengagement such as problem avoidance, wishful thinking, social withdrawal and self-criticism have negative consequences and correlate with depression, anxiety and poor mental health. In contrast, strategies that involve engagement such as problem solving, positive re-interpretation, reliance on social support and expression of emotion enable medical students to respond in a manner that leads to adaptation, which can reduce stress.

Medical education has deleterious consequences. Medical students have mean anxiety scores one standard deviation above those of non-patients. Studies which have tried to identify the sources of stress among medical students generally concern three main areas : academic stress: enormous syllabus to be covered in a limited time, sudden change in their style of studying, flooding of medical science with new concepts, lack of proper guidance, thought of failing in exams, inadequate time allocated to clinical posting, insufficient bed side teaching, social stress : relationship with peer groups, hostel friends, senior teachers, displacement from home, expectations of parents, peer pressure, change in the medium of education, physical stress : inadequate hostel facilities, hostel food etc.

Anxiety is also associated with feeling of loneliness, peer competition, long hours and loss of social time. The majority of stressful incidents in traditional curricula are related to medical training rather than to personal problems.

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  • Stress may not only impair the quality of life of medical students but can also influence patient care and the complex psychodynamics of the doctor- patient relationship. Stress is receiving increased attention because of the realization that tired, tense, anxious doctors may not provide as high quality care as do those who do not suffer from these debilitating conditions.

    A medical career can be particularly stressful due to the combination of involvement with life and death and the high expectations of medicine and of doctors held by both the public and doctors themselves. Partly as a result of these pressures and the need to acquire a substantial body of knowledge and skills, medical students experience considerable anxiety at various stages in the curriculum Arndt et al. Such anxieties may result in, for example, reduced examination performance Tooth et al. Some students may perceive factors such as nutrition, exercise routines, sleep patterns, social activities, having a child to care for, job responsibilities, finances as stressors that they need to overcome in order to achieve a higher academic standing.

    Medical students are repeatedly subjected to rigorous examinations in order to check their potential to be a doctor as they have to deal with human life every single day. The onus of this responsibility and sheer volume of syllabus places a medical student under tremendous stress prior to professional exams. This stress may manifest with varying magnitude of anxiety Kidson and Hornblow, and decrease in psychological health Aktekin et al, To a student, the prospect of sitting for an examination could be identified as a stressor and the resulting emotional and physiological state could be described as an exam stress.

    Many students experience anxiety before a test or exam; a little bit of nervousness can actually enhance performance. However, if stress levels rise to the point where they inhibit performance on the test, then this is considered exam stress. Here below are some of the symptoms of exam stress, which can vary widely in intensity.

    Some test-takers experience only mild anxiety, and still perform well, but others are left nearly unable to function, failing the test or even experiencing a panic attack. Physical symptoms of exam stress include tremors, sweating, dry mouth, nausea, rapid heartbeat and even fainting.

    Behavioural and cognitive symptoms include defiant avoidance of exam situations, or just a little fidgeting. In some cases, exam stress can become so severe that the student is forced to drop out of school entirely just to avoid testing. Emotional symptoms of exam stress include low self-esteem, anger, depression and feelings of despair. The students taking the test often feel unable to do anything about their situation, so they may berate or belittle themselves about their performance and their feelings.

    Exam stress is reported to have a significant impact on the well-being of the student and is associated with changes in the mental and physical health such as increasing anxiety, increasing negative mood and changes in the functions of the immune system. In other words, the exam is one of the stressful events associated with lowered immune system function. It was demonstrated that this stress caused a significant neurohormonal change.

    A small but significant increase in their emotional distress is indicated by an increase in anxiety during the final examination. Glucocorticoids can downregulate the immune activity, but acute stresses were reported to increase the cortisol level. According to a study conducted by Shamsdin, et. The results show that stress has determining effects on the immune response. The exam stress can result a significant increase in the cortisol level. When this reaches the adrenal gland, lucocorticoids are released which are chemicals that modulate or regulate the immune response.

    Essay on depression

    Exam stress is prevalent amongst the student populations of the world, and has been studied formally since the early s. During states of excitement or stress the body releases the hormone adrenaline.

    This hormone is responsible for preparing the body for danger, or the fight or flight response. Adrenaline is known to cause the physical symptoms one might experience that accompany exam stress such as increased heart rate, sweating, and rapid breathing.

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